Tactical and combat knives

Combat tactical knives are, without exaggeration, the most modern line of knives. You will find all kinds of advantages and modernizations with them. However, do not forget about the basic things such as material, construction and shape. 

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Tactical and combat knives

There are relatively extensive groups among the knife families, that deserves better attention. In addition to EDC (Every Day Carry) knives, hunting and outdoor knives, you can nowadays also see so called tactical combat knives.

These are designed primarily for the members of armed forces, as they represent an unmistakable helper for them, without which they would hardly imagine their functioning. 

And how do such knives look like ? That is a quite fundamental question to which we will try to find an answer in the following article. 

How do modern tactical combat knives look like ? 

To determine the tactical or combat knife is relatively easy. There were only a few such knives in the past that represented this term. However, the interest in them was so massive that the knife market turned them over time to a real commercial blockbuster. That is why today's knife styles resemble a tactical knife of 70 %.

But in this quantity, it is very difficult to choose a quality knife that will meet the requirements of the combat and tactical knife at the level you require. However, we will try to help you with this. 

As always, when we are choosing a knife, we need to decide whether we want folding knife or fixed blade. Thanks to the company Emerson, which was the first to design a folding tactical combat knife, you can now enjoy both variants at once.

By its meaning, a combat tactical knife represents both a tool and a weapon. So you need to be able to perform everyday activities with it as well as defense, attack and most knife fighting techniques.

Why tactical knife is your best friend in combat ? 

Modern folding tactical and combat knives are very advantageous due to their design. Relatively small handles can be easily stored in your pocket without even noticing it. At the same time, however, they hide very sharp dangerous blade that is ready to strike at any time. 

When making a selection, we need to pay attention to both, blade and the handles. The handles must provide sure and firm grip, which depends a lot on the material of the handle, but also on the shape of your hand. For example, the G-10 material, which is anti-slip (with the right surface treatment), can offer great properties.

Carbon fibers work really well too. On the other hand, no metals are suitable, as they can loosen during use, which could cause injury. 

As for the blade, you will be interested in thickness, shape and design. For tactical combat knives the combo edge is excellent as you will be able to cut both textile materials and perform other common carving activities. The blades should have black coating to reduce light reflection. 

With folding tactical knives, the pocket clip also plays an important role. Ideally, it will be removable, to be able to carry a knife in different positions.

Is traditional construction better for tactical combat knife ? 

Fixed blade combat tactical knives are more traditional. In general, you will require the same from them as you would from folding knives, with only minor differences. 

Speaking of fixed blade tactical and combat knife, it should always have full tang construction, which ensures the greatest endurance and strength of any type of knife ( any good similar construction is acceptable and usable).

For handles, the best materials are Micarta®, G-10, carbon fibers and similar. But once again, the sure, firm and anti-slip grip is the most important thing.

The blade itself should be long enough, at least 12-13 centimeters to guarantee enough work space. At the same time, look for a combo edge which, however, is a matter of personal preference.

Unlike a folding tactical knife, you will also need a proper sheath, ideally from Kydex®. Such cases are reliable and highly durable. Practically any type of solid sheath for tactical combat knife that can be attached to belt, leg platform or tactical vest is pretty much suitable.

Few more details in the end 

What we haven't mentioned are steel types, blade shapes and things like that. In general, we can say that any modern advanced steel is suitable. It must generally have good anti-corrosion properties, toughness, strength and the ability to hold the blade. 

However, some manufacturers swear by carbon steel due to its great properties (for example Glock makes their tactical combat knives exclusively from carbon steel).

The ideal hardness of combat tactical knife is between 55-56 HRC (only knives that are not too hard will ensure easy knife sharpening).

Knife blade shapes is chapter itself. Tactical combat knives can have pretty much any blade shape. About some of them ( for example Tanto) can be said that they are shapes exclusively used for combat and tactical knives.

You should be careful about the tip of the knife, which should not have too sharp angle to avoid its breaking. The blade thickness should not be under 4 mm and should always have black coating. The best choice is DLC, which is practically harder than the steel itself. It promises long endurance and great protection. 

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