Survival flashlights

You should always take the tactical survival flashlights with you to the outdoors, even when going for a day-trip. You never know when you need to stay overnight...and you may find something interesting as well. We also recommend to take the flashlight to your vehicle too. Who knows, when you can appreciated it there. 

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Survival flashlights

Hand flashlights or headlamps intended for survival in nature, must, unlike the common ones, meet certain parameters, such as weather resistance, mainly to water. Not all can handle immersion,but they should survive the rain at least. The survival flashlight is simply the one, you can always rely on

High-quality materials 

The survival flashlights are made from high-quality and resistant materials, that are also lightweight. Sometimes aircraft-grade aluminium is used and such a flashlight can handle even a fall on the stone. 

Lightweight and compact  

Another crucial feature of tactical flashlights is their low weight and compactness. Especially with the long march you can feel every gram and manufacturers obviously adapt to this fact. Portable and lightweight flashlights are among our most favorite products. 

Selection of modes

The important thing with flashlights is also the mode selection, that you can use in different situations. The basis is a beam distance, sometimes you can even see up to 1km. Strobe mode can stun a possible attacker or wild animal and in combination with pepper spray can be a legitimate way of defense without permanent consequences for any party.  S.O.S. mode allows for "call" for help at distance. 

Run time 

Some of the flashlights can not be charged via USB. The connector is usually protected against water and dust. In addition to rechargeable, you can sometimes use the non-rechargeable batteries, because in emergency situations you are not always in places where electricity is available. 

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