Sleeping bags

Comfort of sleep is a benefit that sleeping bags give us. Unfortunately, it is not always easy. We have to choose the right material, shape and, above all, the temperature zones.

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Sleeping bags

Sleeping under the sky is sometimes a hobby and sometimes necessity. Eiher way, thousands of people go into nature today. They can sleep on moss or straw, or solve it a little differently. Sleeping bags are great for such sleeping. The sleeping bag is highly suitable for this activity as well as widely used. The first similar sleeping bag was patented in 1876 by the Welsh businessman Pryce Pryce-Jones. This sleeping bag, as it was called, traveled the whole world until it eventually settled for the Russian and British army, which they ordered over 60,000 pcs. How does sleeping bag look like today? Let's take a look.

To the tent and under the sky 

Sleeping bags are practically bags in which we sleep somewhere outside home. They are equipped with a zipper and several layers of different materials that protect us from external influences. They are most commonly used with a sleeping mat or alu mat. This protects them from damage and us against cold from the ground. We often use sleeping bags when camping, sleeping at the cottage or outdoors under the sky. Everything works without a problem until it starts to rain. The sleeping bags themselves are not equipped with a waterproof layer that would protect us and keep us warm at the same time. So when sleeping under the sky, we can expect an unpleasant surprise. It is probably the biggest disadvantage, otherwise sleeping bags are very comfortable and thoughtful solution to the question where we will sleep and what will keep us warm. There are more types of sleeping bags. Some are good for winter, some for the summer. How do we know and which one is good where ? 

Tent and sleeping bag in one

If we are fans of sleeping under the sky, want to feel the fresh air and be surrounded by animals, we have to be prepared. As we have already mentioned, sleeping bags are only good until it starts to rain, then we have a problem. And that is why we have Bivi (Bivouac) Bags. It is practically a sleeping bag that has one extra layer, which is the difference. This layer acts as a "tent". It is made of strong and water - repellent fabric, such as impregnated nylon. Gore-tex is also used in other and more expensive cases. Such bags serve as a sleeping bag covers, but also as a sleeping bag itself. In the winter months we will use them together with our winter sleeping bag. However, when is warm outside, we can use it on its own, without the sleeping bag. The big advantage is that the sleeping mat is also inserted into this bivi bag, everything acts as a complex that insulates better. So can we use such cover on all types of sleeping bags? And what about disadvantages, does it have any? These are the right questions ,which deserve a deeper looking at the problem, that you can find in the relevant categories.

What else could you wish for

In the category you will find both types of sleeping neccessities. It is also good to mention the criteria and what is the temperature comfort and temperature extrem. According to these data, the exact use and purpose of the sleeping bag is determined, ie whether it is a winter or summer sleeping bag. Other important things are materials and fasteners. For something to guarantee us a trouble-free sleeping, we must be demanding. Otherwise we will not be satisfied.

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