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Lowa testing labs show the right approach to sustainability
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Lowa labs: Here they test their boots

12/7/2022 | Top-ArmyShop News  | Pavel Kreuziger | Reading time: 3 minutes

The German company Lowa provides its customers with boots that go through harsh testing beforehand. Take a look with us at their testing laboratories, which are proof that this company is really serious when it comes to quality assurance.

CZ 75 - limited edition pistol
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CZ 75 "Order of the White Lion" limited edition pistol

12/5/2022 | Top-ArmyShop News  | Pavel Kreuziger | Reading time: 6 minutes

Order of the White Lion celebrates the 100th anniversary. On this occasion, Česká zbrojovka announced an unique, 100 pieces limited edition of the CZ 75 legendary pistol, that will be on sale through an NFT auction. Every owner will be provided with digital proof of ownership and the assurence of authenticity.

World-famous arms-producing companies
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World-famous arms-producing companies

12/4/2022 | Hints and tips | Radek Mládek | Reading time: 9 minutes

Are you interested in history and famous products of successful arms-producing companies ? Take a moment to read this article that will expand your horizons.

Olomouc store is open every Saturday until Christmas
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Christmas opening hours in Olomouc

12/2/2022 | Top-ArmyShop News  | Pavel Kreuziger | Reading time: 1 minute

Top-ArmyShop Olomouc store is open every Saturday until Christmas. The opening hours are 9am - 12noon. You can choose from wide selection of tactical, military or outdoor clothing and equipment.

How to take care of your plate carrier
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Carrier plate maintenance

11/30/2022 | Hints and tips | Pavel Kreuziger | Reading time: 4 minutes

How to take care of your plate carrier ? How to clean it and store it so it lasts ? You will find out in this article.

Why hat, gloves and scarf are important in winter time
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Hat, gloves and scarf will warm you up

11/25/2022 | Hints and tips | Jana Černá | Reading time: 6 minutes

Winter gloves, hat and scarf are essential for your cold weather outdoor activities. Why are they important and what are you risking if you underestimate their use ? How do they help with heat loss?

Tips for making camp in the snow
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Making camp in the snow

11/24/2022 | Hints and tips | Ondřej Krotil | Reading time: 4 minutes

Would you like to enjoy winter nature with all that brings ? Then you should not miss winter camping. We will give you few tips how to do it. This article tells you what to expect and what you will need.

Sleeping bag for winter 2022/2023
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Sleeping bag for winter 2022/2023

11/22/2022 | Hints and tips | Ondřej Krotil | Reading time: 6 minutes

You don't know which winter sleeping bag to choose? In this short article we will explain everything important. Learn the essential criteria and shop smart and well.

How to choose a winter trousers?
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How to choose a winter trousers?

11/20/2022 | Hints and tips | Ondřej Krotil | Reading time: 5 minutes

The selection of winter trousers has its specifics we should keep in mind. In this article, we will give you a few tips on how to choose a winter trousers. We believe, that after reading, you will know how to make a smart purchase.

How to choose winter boots?
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How to choose winter boots that last?

11/18/2022 | Hints and tips | Ondřej Krotil | Reading time: 5 minutes

Choosing the right winter footwear is very important and you can be sure, that in this article we will tell you which parameters to look at. From now on, you will know what boots to choose.

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