The sweatshirt protects from colder weather. But there isn´t only one sweatshirt. We should think about style and general use. The presence of a hood might change some things too. 

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Once, it was simple. We had hair that protected us from external influences. The problem came when the earth began to be colder and we were not ready. The fur served well or we traveled elsewhere. Tha hair doesn´t cover us that much anymore and fur coats are only for rich ones. So how to deal with the cold and winter? With the jacket, thermal underwear, pants and very often with sweatshirt. What is actually sweatshirt? A cover for the upper body,which is supposed to warm us and protect us from cold. Where did they come from? The first sweatshirts came here in the 70´s. The most common motive that came to us was the sweatshirt with Mickey Mouse. Thanks to this motive we started to use that the slang expression (mikina). 

Improved sweater

The predecessor of the sweatshirt was sweater. It was necessary to develop the form of a sweater that would work better against the wind, would be generally more resistant and not so difficult to be produced. With the arrival of polyester and other artificial fibers, new possibilities have appeared. This led to today's sweatshirt. The sweatshirt surpasses the sweater in several ways. It offers greater comfort, is more resistant to tearing, ripping, wind and last but not least, it is more stylish.

Sweatshirt, clear choice 

Thanks to today's possibilities that facilitate production, sweatshirts quickly spread to all sectors. They offer the ideal mix of comfort of wear and temperature comfort. We can take them for outdoor trips just as well to the city. Right next to the colors and motives we can find a large range of cuts and styles. The first sweatshirts reminded of long sleeve t-shirt. Nowdays, the situation is different - we have a classical sweatshirts, hoodies, sweatshirts and hoodies with zippers, etc. Each of them offers something slightly different. It is up to us, what we choose, neither of those alternatives will dissapoint you. 

Fleece above all

Artificial fibers made it possible to create one of the best fabrics today - fleece. What is so special about it? Several things, actually. Malden Mills (now Polartec LLS) wanted to develope a fiber or fabric that would best imitate the wool and to actually surpassed it. In 1979, they came with a patent, named Polar Fleece. It is strong yet lightweight, nice to touch. Very soon, it started to be used and today, it is in everybody´s wardrobe. It is used for production of different linings, hats, but mostly sweatshirts. Here it works best, providing us warmth along with light weight and endurance.

What´s next ? 

All kinds of sweatshirts just wait for us to buy them. Whether classic ones, hoodies or others. Fabrics are different, but there is one thing they have in common. They will warm us up and provide comfort. Just choose the right one. Hoodie with zipper to the outdoors or classical, not so warming ,but fashionable. The choice is yours.  

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