Thanks to the tools, we are able to solve even more critical situations. The key is the choose the appropriate tool for the job. For example, we can not carry all of them in our hands (even know there are some). 

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We have gone a long way now since the times we used shovels and other tools made of the wood. To be honest, who can imagine to do any work without proper tools ? No one, really. We can take such tools anywhere and always do a good job. Tools can be described as - items for manual work. For example, the axe is used for work with wood. There are also smaller versions to be taken for camping for example. Field shovel and pickaxe are suitable for digging the trench or complete terrain work. It is not always necessary to take big shovel so we choose an appropriate alternative. The selection always depends on the conditions. 

With a shovel into the field 

For digging holes and trenches as well as moving of bulk material, we certainly choose a shovel. Large shovel with long handle is ideal. Wi will not hurt our back and it also has larger head. It would be difficult to take such shovel to the field. The Army has come up with solution which is called field shovel. It is smaller, but lighter and much easier to pack. When working with it, we should watch out for proper posture and take breaks, otherwise we will hurt our back. But that is pretty much the only disadvantage, plusses predominate including material and carry pouches. When digging we might need more than just a shovel. The pickaxe, which can be part of multi-use shovels is great for hoeing. How does it work ? Simply.

For trees and branches

What do we choose for work in the forest? The axe, of course. In the past, it was a working tool as well as weapon. Thanks to its heavy handle, it was well balanced for heavy fighting. Nowdays, it is used as working tool only, as there was a significant progress in weapon industry. A tool consisted of head and handle is a great helper for garden work as well as to the forest. We can not imagine to chop wood without axe. However, the large axe is not the best option for longer trips. The smaller version is definitely better, the question is, how small. Despite the smaller size it should still do its job so choose wisely. And what about materials ? Plastic or wood ? 

With the tip or flat surface

What happens when we hit the ground when digging the hole or trench? The shovel is not the best option so we should opt for something, whose kinetic energy can handle such work. Something with longer handle and heavier head. It should be a pickaxe. We can see them everyday as they are used for terrain and road work. It has heavy head with chisel on one side and pick on the other. Yet again, they are not really suitable for field conditions as they are heavy too. The answer is small, modern design pickaxe

Blade, wire and chain 

Nobody would really think of cutting the tree with knife. That is actually nonsence. The saw, which is made for this, is way better. We do not have to necessarily carry big and heavy saw, sometimes hand, chain or wire saw will do the job. We are using our own power, but the work is precise. How does it work? That is for another sub-category. 

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