Downrange™ Tomahawk GERBER®

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Downrange ™ Tomahawk Gerber® is an excellent tactical multi-purpose tool. However, it will also serve very well on trips or at the campsite when chopping wood for fire.

A simple and powerful tool

In a situation where every second matters, you can't waste time thinking about whether you have the right tool for your intended tasks. No matter what is on the other side of those doors or other obstacles, you just want a tool as purposeful and determined as the man holding the tool in his hands. Downrange ™ Tomahawk is a miraculous combination of simplicity and efficiency that solves serious situations. The tomahawk has no moving parts that could break, no mechanisms that could get stuck. Just a simple and thoughtful design with three-quarters of a century of experience behind the Gerber® brand.

3 in 1

Downrange ™ Tomahawk These are three useful tools in one. The beveled edge of the head will turn any door into splinters.. The opposite end of the head serves as a hammer to quickly break and remove door hinges, locks and handles or anything else that may stand in the way. The third important tactical function can be found at the lower end of the handle / shaft - a powerful crowbar with integrated finger scales for ergonomic grip.

It doesn't bend or break

The head, the insert and the crowbar are made of very strong 420HC steel. When working with tools, especially when using a crowbar, steel provides strength and the certainty that the ax will not bend or break. The black Cerakote ™ coating is a tactical finish that not only looks nice and gives the tomahawk a tactical look, but also eliminates corrosion. Also thanks to it, the tool does not throw unwanted reflections that could prematurely reveal the tool and its users. The handle on both sides is made of anti-slip and structured G-10 material - holds firmly in your hands, regardless the conditions.

Professional and sophisticated sheath

Of course, the Tomahawk doesn't just fit in your pocket, so it comes with a Kydex® sheath that's as practical as the tool itself. Easy to carry is exactly what the tool still needs to be perfect. And here comes the word MOLLE compatibility - tomahawk can be carried in the supplied sheath attached to the PALS strap of the carrying harness, tactical vests, ballistic plate carriers or to the backpack with laser-cut slits etc.The sheath has two-parts - the first part covers the entire head and is equipped with a fixation strap fastened on a snap button, the second part is attached to the handle and covers the crowbar / lower part of the handle and has two fixation straps with snap buttons.

Downrange™ Tomahawk Gerber® key features :

  • outdoor and tactical tool 

  • multifunctional axe/ tomahawk

  • durable head made of high-quality steel 

  • tactical black coating 

  • anti-slip handle 

  • hammer 

  • crowbar with 420HC steel body and Cerakote™

  • ergonomic handle of the crowbar 

  • MOLLE compatible sheath 

  • made in USA - Portland, Oregon

Total length: 48,9 cm.

  • With sheath: 1 133,9 g

  • Without sheath: 861,8 g


  • Head: steel 420HC Cerakote™

  • Handle: G-10

  • Crowbar: steel 420HC Cerakote™

  • Sheath: Kydex®

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Introducing the Downrange ™ Tomahawk GERBER® Ax

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