Electronics and accessories for mobile phones

Mobile phones tend to be an integral part of our trips, which creates the need to take quality and durable equipment for them as well. So we've started offering this equipment too, so you can get pretty much everything in one place.

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Electronics and accessories for mobile phones

Even among trampers and backpackers, it is becoming more and more common to have electronics packed when traveling. At least a mobile phone, which can serve not only as a means of communication, but also as navigation, a camera and the like. For many of us who go to nature to clear our heads, a digital detox is also important, but sometimes a mobile phone is really useful and you don't need to have it connected to the Internet.

For direct charging of not only phones in nature, you will find powerbanks of various capacities in our offer, we have also added protective glasses against breaking smartphones in challenging conditions. Cyclists will appreciate the bike holders, and if you're going to the start of the hike by car, then you certainly will appreciate fast car chargers and high-quality charging cables. Headphones are also part of this category. Even in nature, you can play your favorite music without disturbing the surroundings.

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