Emergency flashlights

Although in most cases the soldier is trying to be unseen, sometimes the opposite is needed. To let know about yourself. For this purpose, emergency flashlights are best used, with which both professionals and military enthusiasts can be spotlighted at night. Emergency flashlights can be curved and are therefore adapted to attach the velcro panel of the helmet.

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Emergency flashlights

Emergency flashlights often have waterproof construction and they are easy to use. They have a long battery life and in addition to emergency signaling you can also use them as navigation lights. LED technology, which is often used, ensures long and economy life. Simple handling and they can be part of the car equipment or as a part of an emergency home kit.

Some of the emergency flashlights are even PALS system compatible, so you can use them even on your tactical vest or backpack and the low weight is useful anytime, when you need to make your luggage lighter. 

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