Scarves, Bandanas, Barracuda Scarves

Many times our neck is not covered which can cause cold and other conditions. There are more ways how to use scarves. 

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Scarves, Bandanas, Barracuda Scarves

Sand, cold, wind. What do they have in common? Neither of those we want to have behind the neck. What can we do about it ? If there only was a solution. But, there is. The solution is called scarves, bandanas or barracuda scarves. Their defining corresponds with our requirements. They can be used in different ways. However, their shapes and sizes are different. It depends whether it is a bandana, that can have square or tringle shape, oblong scarf or barracuda scarf. The sizes may be similar, but what type to use for what. 

Army has its own way 

In the army we can see all of these options. However, the scarf is not as interesting as its siblings bandana ans barracuda scarf. For example, in the desert, it is very important for soldiers to be protected against wind and sand. The Palestina scarves will provide great service, but we can also use normal scarves or bandanas of different shapes and motives. But they should camouflage at least a little. They are worn around head and neck to protect from contact with unpleasant sand. Of course, it does not have to be only the desert where they are used, but we can use them in different environments with strong wind or unpleasant insect. Thanks to the design, they are breathable and can be used in any weather all year round. 

When we do not want be seen 

Barracuda scarves are little different. They are practically scarves also worn around the neck, but with little more interesting mission. They are very popular by snipers and made from mesh of different colors and patterns. We can have it on a neck and when the time comes, we can use it for camouflaging. However, the dimensions are important  - with the help of barracuda scarves we can cover weapons, face, as well as body. Rightly chosen style will provide good camouflaging in any terrain. We often see snipers with barracuda scarves over the neck, that cover also head and part of the weapon. Thanks to the mesh, we can see through and at the sime time it hides body contours. It can be just as well used by hunters or photographers. It is up to us. However, if we want to mask, the barracuda scarf is the right choice.

When there is a cold 

Assuming we are in cold conditions, we have to have every part of our bodies well insulated. If we leave it, the heat will escape through the exposed parts. Up to 70% of the body heat escapes through the upper part of the body (head and neck). We can put a hat on the head, but what about neck ? A scarf ! It is simply part of the clothing, that is wrapped around the neck and warms us there. The fabrics from which the scarf is made differ. It can be wool, cotton, fleece, or other functional fabrics. It also depends on what we will use it for, whether it is sport or casual wear. 

All together 

In this category we can find everything that we would expect from category scarves, bandanas and baracuda scarves. All sorts of barracuda scarves (different colors and patterns), just as well scarves and bandanas. Very modern are multifunctional bandanas, that can be used as a hat, neck warmer, etc. 

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