What protects us from surrounding influences should not be chosen without consideration. Some pieces fit together and others are made only for certain situations. Is it better to have more clothes or less?

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Under the term "clothes" we can imagine everything that covers us from head to toe. Many people think that clothes are making us who we are. The truth is, that according to style, we can find out a lot about each person. What an armyshop would it be without a good army clothing. This is why this category is here. People have been wrapped in clothing since ancient times, so why not choose a style of clothing based on the military one? Especially when we know that the army needs to have everything perfect.

Top on the upper 

The upper body, ie from the waist up, is the largest area of our body. As a result, the greatest body heat loss occurs in this part. Even in the summer ? Yes, if a sudden windstorm comes, we may be unpleasantly surprised. Such a surprise often causes sickness, and we really don't want that in the summer. The upper clothing is usually layered, to either taking it off or putting it on. The first layer should be a thermo-baselayer. Its job is to stabilize body temperature and wick away sweat, thus preventing unpleasant wet places through which heat escapes. The second layer in the form of a T-shirt, shirt, but also other functional clothing is placed on the base layer. There are many possibilities and combinations, everything depends on the outdoor conditions that determine the composition of clothing.

Same for the lower body 

Do the same rules apply to the bottom ? Of course, they do. Although not so many layers are used, thermal bottoms may come under the pants in the winter. In summer, on the other hand, we appreciate shorts or 3/4 trousers. Thanks to the military focus, pants of this kind have many pockets. We will appreciate their presence during the daily movement around the city, but also in military combat action. We can easily put keys inside, as well as more professional pieces of equipment, such as knives or another means of defence. They do not necessarily have to be camouflage pants, rather types that are adapted to this sort of load.

What makes it so different?

The answer is mainly the fabric and the overall construction. Unlike regular trousers, they are made of a solid mix of cotton and polyester in different ratio. These ratios guarantee them breathability and a certain strength. What's the point of a firmness when we get caught on a sharp object? Someone has already asked this question, so the Rip-Stop was developed, which prevents the spread of ripping. In addition to fabrics, we also have fasteners here, which also matter a lot. Durable zippers, buttons and buckles guarantee longer life. Of course, we can wear such clothes daily to the city.

Smaller areas are also important 

We should not forget the small areas of the body that are critical for temperature changes. If you think, that hands, feet and head is what we are talking about, you are right. You will also find clothes for these parts, from gloves, socks to balaclavas and hats. Let's leave nothing to chance. When something surprises us, it may be too late. 

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