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Proper footwear care is as important as the selection itself. The shoes should be breathable as well as meet another criteria. So how do we take the best care for shoes and what do we need to do?

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Shoes accessories

Ugly muddy shoes, cracked, damaged leather and properties are gone. It could look like that, if we don´t pay attention to the care of our shoes. Anyone, who thinks that the shoes do not need care, is wrong. The shoes are like us, they also need to be washed, cleaned, lubricated etc. If we don´t take care about leather, it will crack and loose it´s properties. It is similar with textile fabrics - they also need to be cleaned. So how do we take care about our shoes ? Let´s find out. 

Clean shoes, healthy shoes

Whenever, when we come home from the trip, we should first wash ourselves and then take care of our shoes. We should dry them first to avoid cracking. Then clean and scrub them with the brush to remove dirt. Although it may seem nonsensical, the stones in the outsoles are not a wanted matter. There is obviously different care for leather shoes and textile ones. Leather shoes are great for their natural properties. The wax is all we need. The bees wax?  Yes, believe it or not, the wax keeps leather shoes looking good and durable. After applying, we just need to polish it all over the shoes. With textile fabrics, we use impregnation, which has similar properties - prevents water from entering. 

What can I find here ?

This section has been created just for the footwear care. Here you can find all kinds of waxes, cleaning kits, creams and impregnations. Another accessory would be definitely the shoelaces. They can get damaged and need to be replaced from time to time. The truth is, keeping your shoes clean, prolongs their life. 

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