Hammock can be a great place for rest and relaxation. Do we know everything to choose the right one ? What about material or color ?

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To find comfort in the nature is actually quite difficult if not even impossible sometimes. However, there is one option that we should consider. That option is called hammock. You don´t know what that is? We are sure, that you have seen it somewhere. It is used to be hang between two fixed points. Thanks to it we can be relatively comfortable and at the same time protected from everything that moves on the ground (insect, etc.) 

Where to take it?

As already mentioned, to attach it, we need two fixed points. Those can be for example two trees or beams. Hammocks are nowdays considered as a means of relaxation. At the same time, they can be taken with you on your trip, where you can sleep in them, as well as to the camp. Hammocks usually feature mosquito net for extra protection against insect. No one really loves mosquitoes and other insect and mosquito net is a great way how to get rid of them. 

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