Transport trunks, boxes

The safety of our equipment can disturb our sleeping, especially, when when we travel and the equipment is traveling with us. That is why we should be using transport trunks and boxes. The right selection is the basis of functionality.

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Transport trunks, boxes

Anyone who owns some more expensive equipment knows, that its protection or safe transport is a very tricky thing. Fortunately, such a question has already been solved with a relatively progressive solution. Transport trunks. The trunk is a box for personal belongings of materials such as leather or synthetics. In this category you will find slightly different trunks, more specific and interesting. They offer much greater protection of the content. How is that possible? That is a good question. 

Protection as a main priority 

Unlike ordinary suitcases we see daily in the hands of bussinesmen, these are primarily intended for expensive and fragile objects. With such a determination we are asking - how to manage that? The main material is a strong shell that can withstand really harsh using and hard impacts. This shell has a solid shape that secures the content. Without a proper filling, a solid shell would be useless. The interior of these suitcases is a special foam. The object is placed in it, giving maximum protection against shocks and impacts. The big advantage is the possibility of foam shaping just for the exact objects. We can do this at home or get a pre -cut foam.

Safety that protects us

It is nice that the trunks are safe against impact, but what about the thieves? As they say, the opportunity makes a thief. Fortunately, the suitcases are also prepared for this possibility. They often have holes in which a lock or other safety device can be placed. In addition to protection against thieves, the content is also protected against the external influences. The trunks are waterproof and can even swim on the water surface (up to the certain weight). This provides an excellent protection not only from humans, but also from nature and accidents.

Click, click and we are secured 

So how does such a trunk work? From the other suitcases we are used to, it does not differ much with its construction. It consists of a body where the main space for placing equipment is filled with foam. This space is closed with a lid, where we can also find foam for the best possible securing of the items. The lid is attached to the body with robust hinges. These hinges together with the material used provide the best protection. The closing varies with different trunks. The pulls, which are captured by a counterpart, prevail. Such a suitcase must be heavy, I will not be carrying it. Fortunately, the manufacturer thought of this as well. While the small suitcases are equipped with a handle for comfortable carry, there are two options for those larger ones. The first is a classic handle, the second pull - out handle and wheels on the underside. This allow us to carry even more heavier suitcase comfortably and without much effort.

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