Explorer Case® Durable Waterproof Case For 6 Rifles 10826 with adjustable system
€ 1 316
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Explorer Case® Durable Waterproof Case For 6 Rifles 10826 with adjustable system

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€ 1 316
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Product code: 10826.B-D4
Warranty period: 2 years

Adjustable order system for 6 weapons

The Explorer Case durable waterproof case 10826 will provide reliable protection with its sequential system for up to 6 of your rifles. It is hermetically sealed, resistant to water, dust and impact. High-quality locks with an anti-jamming system ensure the safe storage of your weapons. An air pressure balance valve optimizes the Explorer Case even for your air travel. So it's no wonder that the Explorer Case ranks among the top in safe transportation these days.

Easy handling and security for your weapons

The Explorer Case 10826 has a number of features that will make handling it much easier for you. The side handles on each side allow easy transport by two people, but the movable durable wheels ensure less effort even when transported by one person. Reliable reinforced stainless steel latches are an innovation for safe storage of your weapons even during less gentle transport.

Individuality in the first place

Whether you want to use the Explorer Case for hunting, game hunting, sports shooting or a shooting competition, it will not disappoint you with its perfect functional properties and exceptionally durable construction. You can choose from a wide range of configurations, colors and sizes. Always according to your individual requirements. Explorer Case safety cases are therefore the ideal choice for more demanding or professional users.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • a secure order system for 6 of your rifles
  • maximum fixation and protection of your weapons
  • resistant to damage
  • water resistant
  • dust resistant
  • impact resistant
  • hermetically sealed
  • functional even in extreme temperature conditions
  • quality locks with a special system against jamming
  • wheels for easy transport
  • side handles for easy transport by two people
  • balancing valve for air pressure control - optimized for air transport
  • large comfortable handle
  • stainless steel durable latches
  • protection of your weapons even during less gentle transport
  • waterproof identification label - can be removed
  • removable lid
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Buy Explorer Case® Durable Waterproof Case For 6 Rifles 10826 with adjustable system for € 1 316

Important parameters

Height / length
1.178 m
72.5 cm
28.7 cm
174 l
Material in detail
Case body: polypropylene
ID label: PVC
Dimensions in detail
Internal dimensions (l x w x d): 108 cm x 62 cm x 26 cm
Internal height: base (bottom) - 20 cm, lid - 6 cm
Weight in detail
Empty case weight (without foam): 17 kg
Case weight with foam: 19,6 kg
Fixing / transport
Foldable handles (2 on sides)
4 wheels with self oiling bearing (in 2 pairs)
Other specifications
Inside installed circumference sealing with profile of O shape
Automatic pressure valve
12 latches (4 on long sides and 2 on short sides)
Removable lid
16 padlock rings for locking (8 on long sides, 4 outer - on each side 2 - reinforced with stainless steel cover)
Waterproof identification label
Buoyancy (capability of remaining on surface): to total maximum weight of 120,6 kg
Operating temperature: -33 °C to +90 °C
Case successfully tested according to STANAG DEF-STD 81-41 standard - performed tests: horizontal impact resistance test, vertical impact resistance test, vibration resistance test, high temperature resistance test (dry - heat test), low temperature resistance test, both high and low temperature resistance test during longterm storage (storage test)
Ingress protection: IP67 tested according to EN 60529 standard (dustproof + withstands submersion to depth of 1 m for 30 min)
Details of tests performed at link below description
Parts of delivery
Protective foam
Inner bracket with padlock lockable metal bar to secure weapons on place and additional protection against weapons stealing from open case


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