Explorer Case® Durable Waterproof Case RED7814 / with box
€  159.6
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Explorer Case® Durable Waterproof Case RED7814 / with box

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€ 159.6
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Product code: RED7814.BGS
EAN: 8100501671234
Warranty period: 2 years

Practicality and protection in the first place

Waterproof suitcase RED7814 Explorer Case in this variant with a box, keeps things organized and in their places. The box can be removed, it is light and practical, so you can carry your weapon only in it, while it will be provided with the necessary protection. Explorer Cases are high quality, reliable and almost indestructible gun cases, made in Italy. They are designed to be waterproof and impact resistant.

Unquestionable quality

Each of the suitcases has corrosion-resistant hinges, with the option of attaching the lid, which is thus perfectly fixed and held in place when opened. This extends the life of the material. This durable case is equipped with a manual air pressure release valve, so you don't have to worry about closing or handling the case. A waterproof identification label is a matter of course.

Hermetic protection

Lockable latches ensure the safe transport of your belongings. The waterproof RED7814 Explorer Case is hermetically sealed. Optional shoulder straps can easily be attached to each model for transport, but the case can also be transported traditionally using the large hand handle. The 3005 series is also optimized for air transport.

A reliable helper in demanding conditions

Thanks to its sophistication, practicality and high quality, it is suitable for all outdoor and sports activities, shooting, hunting, expeditions, fishing, but thanks to the dense, mouldable foam, it will also reliably protect laboratory or medical equipment, firearms or valuable optics.

A wide selection of types and colors

You can choose the Explorer Case exactly according to your individual requirements from a wide range of interiors, configurations, colors and sizes. They are available in three standard configurations - empty, with a layer of mouldable protective foam, or a variant with an inner box, which allows the user to conveniently carry their weapons and keep them protected at the same time. The Explorer Case is thus an ideal solution for demanding and professional users.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • exceptional durability
  • long life
  • removable protective box
  • 100% protection
  • water resistant
  • impact resistant
  • corrosion resistant hinges
  • air pressure relief valve
  • lockable
  • waterproof identification tag
  • practical lid fixation
  • wide selection of types, colors, sizes
  • easy transport with shoulder straps
  • large practical handle
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Buy Explorer Case® Durable Waterproof Case RED7814 / with box for €  159.6

Important parameters

Height / length
84.6 cm
42.7 cm
16.7 cm
39.6 l
Material in detail
Case body: polypropylene
ID label: PVC
Dimensions in detail
Internal dimensions (l x w x d): 78 cm x 35 cm x 14,5 cm
Internal height: base (bottom) - 10,3 cm, lid - 4,2 cm
Weight in detail
Empty case weight (without foam, without pouch): 5,5 kg
Fixing / transport
Foldable handles
Other specifications
Inside installed circumference sealing with profile of O shape
Manual pressure valve
4 latches and 6 padlock rings for locking
Corrosion resistant hinges with open lid stay function
Waterproof identification label
Buoyancy (capability of remaining on surface): to total maximum weight of 25,3 kg
Operating temperature: -33 °C to +90 °C
Parts of delivery
Protective foam
Padded gun pouch / gun bag


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