Shorts, Bermuda shorts

Hot summer days are not always the best we can imagine. Especially if we are not properly dressed. Therefore we should be careful when choosing shorts. 

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Shorts, Bermuda shorts

Camouflage shorts, shorts, Bermuda shorts. Let's call them as we want it, but they are one thing. Part of the clothing that covers our legs only partially. When will we use such bottoms ? Obviously in the summer. They are the best friend on hot summer days when we would hardly survive in long pants. As with other clothing, we have a lot of styles in which the shorts are made and designed. Since we are on the Armyshop website, we can find shorts in this style.

Cut and style, fastening and pockets

We could simply recognize the shorts according to their length, color or cut. They all offer something different and each of them are great in what they are intented for. We will not find combat shorts here, do not worry. But they can be in combat style. For many of them we will see the designation ACU, BDU, UTL etc. It is a designation of cut and style. As with uniforms, we can sort the shorts according to these designations and give a general impression of what they look like. BDU shorts have a total of six pockets and a relatively simple design. The UTL, on the other hand, are much more complicated and user -friendly. Other brands do not offer such a distribution according to letters, but its enthusiasm stays. In general, shorts in this style are equipped with many pockets and are adapted for outdoor activities as well as for army activities. 

Cotton and polyester

If we follow the materials, we get to the fact that the pants are usually made of cotton. Cotton is perfectly breathable and naturally wicks sweat away, making it suitable fabric. In addition to cotton, they can also be made of polyester, nylon and similar fabrics. These fabrics are not as breathable. However, they are used in good mix with cotton, which makes their properties more suitable for use on shorts. Keep in mind that if the pants do not breathe, we will sweat a lot, which is an unwanted consequence of poor material and selection. 

Appropriate and inappropriate

We could stop here and debate for a long time. What they are and what are they not appropriate for. Rather, where they are and where they are not appropriate. Someone would argue that shorts are definitely not appropriate into the society. So when is hot outside we should be in jeans? That's nonsense. In some countries shorts are part of uniforms at prestigious universities, how do we explain this? Adequacy of shorts is an individual's opinion. We should understand where they are appropriate and where they are not.

To the water and to the combat 

The category was designed for everyone to choose. If we are looking for shorts that withstand something, offer us modularity and comfort, we are at the right address. We can also find shorts for swimming. Even this is not a problem and we can choose without any problems. For those who prefer more of a civilian style and do not match the military one, there is also a lot to choose from. Simply, for civilian as well as for some enthusiast, we have a great offer. 

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