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What is small is perhaps nice, but we should not underestimate it. Small accessories can quickly and effectively help us in critical situations. And thanks to their size they will fit everywhere.

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Small accessories

Small, but very useful. This can specify the equipment you can find in this category. We may not even realize, that there are things important for survival. Let´s admit - in hypothermia, we need something to stabilize the body temperature. When we get lost, we want to be able to communicate. What do we use where there is no network signal? The more we are ready for crisis situations, the less we are then surprised.


 Identification of the nation can be done with the national flag. Every nation has a different flag just as emblem. Flags are, except of a few differences, of rectangular shape with an unchanging aspect ratio. They differ only in colors and depictions. And what about personal identification? We do not obviously issue ID cards, but ID stamps can be found here. They are sometimes called dog stamps named after those worn by dogs. Soldiers use them for their identification. What do they contain ? Name, blood group, allergies... it depends on the nation and sometimes on the soldier himself. Thanks to this category you can also get such stamps. You can carry them as soldiers or just to show respect. 

Help, help ... and nobody around 

Signaling can be either emergency or communication. Either way, we will need tools for it. If we have glossy knife, we can reflect the sun rays for example. But not everyone carries glossy knife. The mirror works much better in such situation. With the Morse code or other signals we can send informations we need to say. But what about the emergency signaling ? To let know about ourselves so anyone can hear us is not that easy. Whistle can help us with this, whose sound can be heard miles away. It is important to be heard so people can follow the sound. The whistle can be put in a pocket or hang on a neck. 

Cold, cold, cold 

When the conditions gets colder or when we loose larger amount of blood we can be in so called hypothermia. Hypo…what? Hypotermia is a condition where the body temperature gets below  35oC. In these circumstances, physical metabolism is slowed and the person is unable to function normally. What to do? We need to get normal body temperature back. The ideal form of first aid in this case is to wrap in thermo foil. It may sound as a sci-fi movie scenery, but it works. This foil reflects heat back to a man and does not allow the surrounding influences to get in. Dimensions of this foil are really small, so no excuses that you don't have enough space in your backpack.

The little things fit everywhere

The name – small accessories, is really accurate. Each of those items is so small, that will fit in the pocket, not mentioning bag or backpack. We have to know priorities.  We should do max for the survival, which is always in the first place and these things will help us with that.

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