Hunting Lights

From hunting lights we expect overall high-quality, as well as light that does not distract enlightened colors and also good material and high power.

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Hunting Lights

If you are full time hunters, you should have number of accessories needed for this. You definitely go out when it´s dark outside. Moon is shining, but you still need more light. There are several types of lights suitable for hunting which we will introduce in this article.

What the current market offers ? 

Hunting can be divided into the few steps - way to the wild, wildlife observation, finding the wildlife, and way back from the forest (we deliberately missed some). This is very simplified but sufficient for a basic demonstration.

For your way to the wild and walking through the forest, some higher quality headlamp will be your best choice. However, for wildlife observation, the flashlight intended for hunting and similar activities, will be better. 

The basic difference between headlamp and handheld flashlight is in the way of use. The headlamp is obviously worn on the head which for some activities can be really convenient (free hands) but for other activies, however, not as much. In some cases the handheld flashlight is simply better, but you need to hold it in your hand all the time.

Is it better to have flashlight or headlamp ?

There are many types of headlamps and flashlights. We will focus on specific types. With the headlamps it is quite obvious. They should have comfortable construction consisting of elastic straps. You will also require long output (throw) and runtime. Such headlamps should have battery compartment placed on the back of your head. These headlamps usually also have extra adjustable headband that goes over your head. This provides better fit and will be appreciated for example when running.  

With handheld flashlight it is similar. But do not opt for the biggest flashlights as these tend to be heavy which you would find uncomfortable. It is up to you what length you choose, but ideal is around 15-20 cm. As with the headlamps, you will be also requiring long output (throw) and runtime.

As for the batteries, most often used are standard AA or AAA. However, batteries types B, C or D last longer. CR123 lithium battery has great features, but it is more expensive and not that easy to find compare to AA or AAA.

We can also get flashlight with extra charging station or self-charging flashlight. 

Why do we need powerful devices for hunting ? 

For hunting we definitely need lights with high power. 80 Lumen is simply not good enough. We should be looking for numbers around 500 - 1000 Lumen.

Of course we also assume that our light features different lighting modes. For standard illumination 100 Lumen should be enough but if you want more power, you simply choose higher mode.

It is also important that your lamp features red safety light. The construction itself must be durable with proper cooling system. If using highly-powerful LED lamps (which we recommend) it is necessary for the material to get rid of the high temperature that occurred during lighting. Ideal material is aircraft grade aluminum. It is lightweight yet strong and durable.

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