Hands are a tool that helps us every day and often even feeds us. Therefore, let's protect them with gloves. This forces us to think over our preferences.

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When working outdoors, during sport or in cold conditions we find one protective and fashion accessory that has gained its prestige over the centuries. The wise already know - the gloves. Gloves are part of the clothes or protection we put on our hands. The glove era goes very far into history, where in times of Greece and Rome already had their glory. They were part of armor, clothing, but also a sign of power. In the Middle Ages, the decoration and prestige of gloves got so high that the Church itself opposed. Since we use them abundantly until today, the Church was not very successful. In the second half of the twentieth century, gloves gradually lose their uniqueness and become more of a complement to work or protection against external influences.

For the ball and the stick 

After many centuries of fame, gloves got here. Today it is hard to consider them as a fashion accessory only and wear them to the balls. The gloves gained a different position, a useful position. They are perfect for a variety of industries in today´s world. But what about winter? Yes, winter is probably the only exception of the use of gloves. In this season, they become an accessory to our outdoor clothing. Let's not be so condescending, it is caused only by cold. If there was twenty degrees above zero in winter, we would not wear them. Another industry will certainly be sport. In sports, gloves are part of the jerseys. Here too, they serve as protection against hand damage or from cold, for example in ice hockey. The most widespread option will be working gloves. Let's be honest, our hands are our unique tool that we have to protect. We will hardly work without them.

Without fabric it is not possible

The first material from which the gloves were made was leather or fur. At first, it was only protection against frost, which has grown into luxury and glory in the future. Structurally, the first gloves were unlike today's. Only the thumb was separate, the rest of the fingers were together. "Mittens", they are great, aren´t they ? They are great for protection against cold, but have you tried to work with them ? They were quickly replaced by the full finger gloves, which has made manual mobility countless times better. Just like the design, the material also made its way. Nowadays, gloves are made from cotton, wool, leather, but also modern artificial fibers that cannot be left behind. It depends primarily on the use. Work gloves for heavy work will be made of leather to be durable. Artificial fibers are used for gentle work. With the new technologies, we have greater possibilities. These are offered by modern fibers that transform gloves into another level. The combination of functional materials with artificial fibers and natural ones, gives us the possibility of developing such gems such as modern combat or shooting gloves. 

Everything goes forward

We will often need gloves even several times a month. We choose the ones we just need. At the shooting range the shooting ones , which are soft and we will feel the trigger in them. To work the work ones that are firm, do not rip and will last something. The winter ones for the winter, which are warming and wick the moisture away. Whether it seems or not, we must keep our hands mobile, warm and protected from damage. As long as nothing happens, we don't care, then it can be too late.

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