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Whether in the action or just on your way to work, you always carry some accessories for which you need some pouch or holster. How to attach it ? MOLLE or another straps ? Ask yourself before you make a purchase. 

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Combat pouches and holsters, EDC ones and others

Here is a riddle. What does all this words have in common? Vest, thigh, belt, backpack ? What do you think it is ? These are places where another pouches can be placed. Sometimes the storage space is not sufficient enough and yet - there is a place for another pouch on the vest, on the backpack too and the same goes for a belt.

What to put there, how to choose and how to attach it? These questions are quite simple just as answers to them. 

Why every type of equipment should have its own pocket?

Specific parts of the equipment have (often from the manufacturer) their pouch or housing. You should always choose according to what you have and do not try to propose versatility where it is not necessary. Therefore, if you want pouch for AR15 magazines, you should get the specific one for these. The magazines will fit perfectly and you do not have to worry about them anymore. 

The same goes for another things - gas masks, grenades, radios, etc. This applies mostly for equipment that needs to be well secured. The loss of flashlight is not that big of a problem as if we loose grenade or magazine.

There are also universal pouches of different sizes. You can store there items, that can not be placed anywhere else, just as keys, batteries, etc. 

Where to place them ? 

The first thing that comes to mind - where to put it ? As we have already mentioned, there are many possibilities. Thanks to the systems such as MOLLE or PALS, you can attach it to compatible counterpart. 

We can also just as well attach them to belt or belt of of your backpack. It depends on the size of the pouch and the space that is provided.  

Another possibilities are already designated places. For example, thigh by the leg/thigh platform or belt by the gun holsters. But you should always pay attention to the method of securing. 

Some pockets are self-locking, holding the item with rubber or resistance. Other options are flaps. These can be secured with Velcro, snap buttons or quick-release buckles. Important is, what suits you the most, with what you will be able to work quickly and safely and what will not interfere. 

Will it attach to your backpack as well as to your vest ?

The real magic comes when you realize, that the pouch or holster can be attached to your vest, just as well to your bag, pack or belt.

Enough of endless shopping, here is the final answer to the problem! Universal pouch can become EDC pouch ( Every Day Carry) with items, we are used to carry all the time (knife, first-aid kit, …). You can detach it from your backpack and attach it to the vest, or just to your belt when you can travel/go light. 

The real magic are those unlimited possibilities. Thanks to them you will be satisfied more and never without important equipment. 

Why it is good to know about MOLLE system 

The modern MOLLE webbing was created from PALS nylon strips. It was necessary for the soldiers to be able to attach the equipment to the another equipment. For example pouches to vests or backpacks, etc. That is why the PALS strips were invented which are specially quilted for attaching of equipment.

Those strips are practically straps from nylon or other solid material. By layering these strips under each other at precise space, a MOLLE webbing is created. The advantages are obvious – you can attach absolutely any equipment with compatible counterparts. Those are for example MALICE buckles or MOLLE straps with snap buttons at the ends.

And is everything on the market really and a strictly standard type of MOLLE? You will probably soon find out that, unfortunately not everything is exact MOLLE, as set out in the military guidelines. Some companies use their graduation and dimensions, which creates a little mess. But in the end, those "others" can be considered compatible. The manufacturers would be against each other if they were producing their system that would not be compatible with the others. The same applies to counterparts. There is a decent variety of them, different lengths and widths, but they always need to be compatible with particular MOLLE webbing.  

How helpfull are belt pouches ? 

The belt pouches have several advantages. Firstly, it is the accessibility as we have already mentioned. The belt is worn around the waist. This place is due to the length of your hands easily accessible and any handling is natural. That is why the pouches are placed over there. However, the pouches must be of course adapted for such carry. 

The supporting elements can be found on the back of the pouches. With the belts, these are usually loops/straps. The wider ones are always better, because the small ones are not strong or stable. On the other hand, too wide ones restrict movement and in the case of plastic pouches their carrying can be uncomfortable. 

In addition to loops/straps, we can also see plastic clips. Their advantage is, that they can be clipped onto the belt, without the need of removing the belt from the pants. In terms of comfort, it's definitely a big plus, but the clip should be strong enough so it does not break easily. 

The last option are so called Tek-Locks. This system was created for a universal carry on your belt. It is a device in which you can adjust the height of the belt, which will give you the strongest possible fit.

It is difficult to say, what belts the pouches don´t fit. Practically it can be attached to any. Unfortunately, the soft leather ones can be scratched with plastic clip or tek-lock, which is definitely disadvantage. We should also focus on the height of the belt. The duty belts have precisely given heights and according to them you must find a pouch with the appropriate elements. We want to avoid situation where the belt is 50 mm and loops are only 45 mm.

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