Rifle Magazine Pouch Templar’s Gear®
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Rifle Magazine Pouch Templar’s Gear®

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Product code: TG-FMR-RG
Warranty period: 2 years

Templar´s Gear Range universal rifle magazine pouch. The construction is connected by an elastic cord, which allows the storage of various types of rifle magazines (AR-15, SA58, AK) and guarantees a firm and reliable fastening. Just put the magazine in the pouch, the construction surrounds it and secures it against falling out, so you don't have to worry about losing the magazine when running and moving over obstacles. This system allows the storage of different magazines, as the pouch is adjusted to their size and, in addition, it is easy to handle. If necessary, you can pull it out quickly, as you will not be bothered by various flaps and cords. Even when empty, the pouch will continue to hold its shape as it is reinforced with a polymer frame.

A compact friend

The outer surface of the pouch is covered with a laser cut MOLLE system. Thanks to this advanced system, you can easily and quickly attach it to equipment with this system. For example to a backpack, belt, vest etc. You will also find a laser-cut MOLLE system on the front so you can attach other small accessories to the pouch, for example a flashlight. The pouch is thus compact and has a low profile.

Benefits you need to know about : 

  • elastic construction 
  • universal 
  • easy attaching of the magazine
  • simple system 
  • MOLLE compatible
  • laser cut MOLLE on the front 
  • alternative uses
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