Plate carriers

The plate carriers protect us against cruel and ruthless missiles. The right selection provides appropriate placement of equipment, but also comfort, which is in action priceless. 

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Plate carriers

Development takes development. This rule applies to anything. The development of weapons has always brought an effort to defend them. Shield and armor to protect from sword just as from arrows. With the invention of a firearm, we had to wait a while for proper protection, but we got it. With the invention of Kevlar, everything seemed to be solved. To a question - is a bullet better in the body or in the vest -we probably don't need to answer. Ballistic vests are almost consumer goods today. They are used by police officers and city police officers, by the army they are basis. Bullet -proof vests are made in many variations, we can hide them under clothing or under tactical vest. But what if there was a variant that would make everything easier?

Two in one 

Wearing a bulletproof vest and the tactical vest is relatively counterproductive. Yes, you can, but mobility is reduced with increased weight. The answer is plate carriers. This equipment makes the best of both worlds (tactical and ballistic vests). They have a little bit from both, and yet they are not very similar to them. The whole concept had to be redesigned - from fastening to carrying elements and modular systems. Fastening moved to the side, it would be extremely inappropriate, to have fastening in front and vital line exposed. Since the higher loads are expected, the shoulder parts were reinforced and padded to prevent scratching and other damage. The carrier surface has also undergone change. Unlike bulletproof vests and some tactical vests, the plate carriers usually have their surface covered with the MOLLE/PALS system, therefore offering modularity, which we definitely appreciate. We can now set up pouches and another accessories according to our needs. 

There is beauty in the possibilities 

The MOLLE/PALS system is practically a special quilted strap system, in which other components are placed using counterparts. So if we exaggerate it, we can have a Camelbag on the abdomen and pouches on the back. Such a variant is unlikely, but greatly indicates options. To put it simply, we get a plate carrier with some pouches. But we can of course add another ones, they just need to be compatible with the system on the plate carrier. There really are many possibilities - different pouches, sheaths, radio holsters, admin pouches etc. It will be terribly hot in such equipment. It is understandable, that we will sweat under the carriers. This is a tax for protecting our health. But don't worry! Manufacturers are trying to eliminate this inconvenience with vents, mesh areas and similar improvements as much as possible. Inside the plate carrier itself are built-in pockets to store documents along with compartments for plates themselves.

Different class, different plate 

So I just need one plate and I am immortal ? Soldiers would definitely like it, however, it does not work like that. There are different ballistic classes, according to which the necessary ballistic protection is determined. There are 4 standard classes with number 4 being the most durable. We have to decide which one we use, but it is always best to be prepared for the worst. Anti-shock, steel or ceramic plates are are also added to the ballistic inserts to increase efficiency. The sad fact is that after the intervention, the plates are usually unusable and must be replaced. Even so, the plate carrier is an innovative element that can save us life. And we only have. 


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