Waist bags/ hip packs

The waist bag is a great travel companion. Its placement gives us control over the content. However, there are more options how to wear it and for what purpose. 

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Waist bags/ hip packs

We go out, just for a walk or into the city. We need to take keys and wallet plus few other things. But what if our clothes don't have enough pockets? We do not want to take our backpack either - it is unnecessarily large for today´s needs. We have to reach for something else, something more compact. We reach for a waist bag. It is a small bag that is worn around the waist, where we can comfortably store the things we need. We will therefore have them together, which means better organization and safety.

Away with a stereotype

Waist bag? I know, nylon and, thank you. Many people certainly remember them, whether from older movies or from their own experience. They were ugly "pockets" placed on the belly, which lacked perhaps everything they should have, but they were used anyway. Today, they are perfect luggage, which are produced in various forms and variants. Larger, smaller, with or without pockets - there are many possibilities, just as fabrics.

R.I.P nylon

The answer for us who are interested in progress in terms of materials for waist bag is - nylon. The main fabric, from which is made also indicates the properties we will require. We are looking for durability, strength, water repellency etc. All this nylon offers. It has many forms, from ballistic nylon 1050D, which is best in its category, to others, but still good forms (400D, 600D and so on). Moreover, these materials can be impregnated or are provided with additional coating. The coating, for example in the form of Teflon, improves the properties of the fabric. Still not convinced ?  Another features are zippers, snap buttons and quick-release buckles. We can count on high-quality even with these, just be careful.

Great access

The waist bag is attached to the body by strap, which is usually fastened around the waist. This provides great access to the content. In natural position, our hands end at the beginning of the thighs. The waist bag position is therefore only 20 centimeters above them. We really appreciate this position during biking or short trip. What about comfort? Comfort is provided by padded parts, a wide strap and well-processed overall design. Let´s watch out for these when choosing a waist bag. Internal organization also plays a role. How many pockets are there? Where to put everything? Will it suit me? These are questions that usually decide. The waist bag can also be of a larger size. Just as with normal bags, we have to know, what we will use it for before we start choosing.

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