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Perhaps there is no need for anyone over three years to explain what "pants" are and what it is for. But the terms "outdoor trousers / pants" could already attract some question...

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Outdoor trousers

Perhaps there is no need for anyone over three years to explain what "pants" are and what it is for. But the terms "outdoor trousers / pants" could already attract some question...

Certainly you know conventional everyday trousers. It is a cover of the human body from waist to ankles that cover both legs separately. They can hold either on its own, or by using drawstring or belt.

Their distribution would be difficult to describe, but fortunately we can distribute them according to purpose, gender or cut. Did you know, for example, where the outdoor pants came from ? Although it may sound incredible, today's civilization has taken pants from the so -called "barbarians". 

The most important ethnicity which used pants, were the Galls. Around 750 BC, the use of pants also got to the Germanic tribes. Whatever the Roman culture tried, pants are today absolutely normal and generally established part of clothing.

What is fashionable in the forest and what outdoor trousers should look like?

Since you are on the Top -ArmyShop website, we leave the fashion types of the trousers aside and move over to those you can find here. We do not want to say that classic jeans would not be great trousers for outdoor, but rather we want to point out that even army pants can be in a way fashionable.

Compare the aforementioned jeans with classic pocket trousers. The only advantage of jeans is that they are better accepted, even though they have very miserable properties: they dry for a long time, they are easy to be ripped off, are not water resistant, they are not warm enough for the winter and in the summer it is too hot in them...and we could go on and on. However, as far as comfort in nature, cut and use, they simply can not compare to the army pants designed for outdoor activities.

Army style pants usually have many pockets where you can fit everything you want to carry. At the same time, they provide noticeably higher comfort of wearing thanks to their cut. They are also more airy and durable. Well, but the price! You will probably say that often…Someone is to keep the money for functional pants and prefer to buy branded jeans, which, however, do not offer anything and often last less. Nowdays, the army pants from brands such as Clawgear or Helikon-Tex greatly fit into the fashion world.

Outdoor trousers are suitable for the playground, to the city and the field

The outdoor trousers are designed by specialists. You do not have to worry about some amateur designing pants as he/she likes it. The opposite is true. 

Pants from leading manufacturers are designed together with soldiers and members of special units. For example, the Helikon-Tex SFU uniform is directly marked as Special Forces Uniform. It's not just an advertising trick. Uniform really serves for this use and soldiers can not praise it enough.

What is so great about them? Think about the problem itself. When you need to realize something, you normally ask experts in the industry, which, in this case, soldiers and members of special units, definitely are. So could we say that everything is great about them? Yes, we could! And it is not exaggeration (although selection and satisfaction are quite subjective things). Anyway, such outdoor pants will not disappoint as for the high-quality and function. They have lot of pockets, hidden, zippered, secured with velcro and snap buttons...just everything you may require...

Neither rain nor frost will stop good outdoor trousers

In addition to great cut and first -class pockets, with pants it depends mainly on fabrics. Fasteners, such as zippers and similar, are very important. They often determine the life of the pants. Therefore, when you see YKK zippers or Duraflex buckles, you know you are going the right way. 

But what about fabrics ? We also have several options here. Among the most common fabrics here are mainly mix of cotton and polyester in 60-40, 65-35 and other. These fabrics can be provided from the manufacturer with the surface treatment or/and can be impregnated additionaly. Of course, the most interesting modern fabrics for outdoor trousers include Gore-Tex®. Yes, even GORE-TEX® can be used for pants, giving you very comfortable and above all waterproof pants. So choose wisely to your satisfaction...

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