Hearing protection

Hearing is one of the senses, that can be damaged easier than we may think. We should therefore wear hearing protection. There are earplugs, earmuffs or electronic earmuffs. Which one is better ? 

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Hearing protection

Hearing is one of the senses thanks to which we are able to communicate. It is hard to imagine to be without it so why don´t we use adequate protection ? Our hearing can get damaged quite easily. Do you remember ringing or other noises in your ears during explosion for example ? That is called tinnitus and our hearing cells are dying and can never be restored. If we use hearing protection, we will not have to worry about damage. What are the options ? 

Earplug and noise is gone 

One of the possibilities are earplugs. We can all imagine how they look. They are small foamed rolls inserted in the ear which prevents the transfer of sound waves and vibrations. They come in different sizes and modifications and are good choice for occasional use. They are small, ultra lightweight and very easy to store so we can have them constantly with us. Recently, plastic earplugs started to be made - they have silicone endings that fits comfortably in ears and cancel all the noises. The latest on the market are tailor-made earplugs. The earplugs are premolded according to shape of our ear. But the wise of us know that the sound is spread not only by the ear canal but also by the bones around the ear using vibrations. What is the solution ? 

Earmuffs will handle it 

For such cases we have protective headsets. But they are definitely not the same headphones as we use for listening our favorite music. They are large earmuffs that cover the entire ear. This insulates the noise that wants to enter the ear canal. Earmuffs are very effective solution, they are comfortable and highly efficient. Inside the headphones is a sound-attenuating material that greatly absorbs vibrations. This material is stored inside of the plastic shell with silicone or plastic ear cushions that fit around the ear. Headphones are adjustable to fit all head sizes and held together with headband, which is usually made of plastic mith metal parts and padding for comfortable wear. Just like earplugs, they also cancel all sounds so we hear no noises and voices. But this can be counterproductive. If only there was hearing protection, that would allow listening to the surrounding sounds and at the same time provide protection from sudden noises...

Modern solution 

Such a hearing protection actually exists and it is called electronic headphones. How does it work ? Built-in microphones allow ambient sounds in when loud noise isn´t present. Once loudness is detected, the microphone instantly attenuates to protect the wearer. Thanks to this, we get perfect overview of the surroundings, we can communicate with our colleagues and at the same time be 100% protected from sudden noises. They don´t differ much from the standard earmuffs, also have padded headband and cushions, only instead of insulation there are speakers and plenty of electronics. The biggest disadvantage is their price which is much higher than for earplugs. 

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