Peltor® E-A-R Tracer Hearing protectors with string
€  3.7
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Peltor® E-A-R Tracer Hearing protectors with string

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€ 3.7
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Product code: TR-01-000
Warranty period: 2 years

Reliable protection and a sense of comfort

The E-A-R Tracer Peltor earmuffs have similar features to the Ultrafit Peltor earmuffs, they provide a high level of hearing protection and meet your long-term comfort needs, they are made of soft and conformable materials, so they conform to the shape of the ear, they do not press on the ear canal, making them safe and comfortable. They are hygienic due to the fact that they are washable, and environmentally friendly because they can be used repeatedly. They are equipped with a string in blue color - ideal for the food industry.

It reliably stops any noise

In an environment where the noise level is constantly increased, or where there is high-pressure impact sound, such as engineering, work in the food industry, production halls and so on, good hearing protection should be a matter of course. The E-A-R Tracer hearing protectors will provide you with a high degree of protection, thus reliably protecting your hearing and thus your overall health.

The need for concentration ensured

Any activity that is supposed to bring quality and valuable results requires concentration. In a demanding and noisy environment, the art of concentrating on work is difficult, if not impossible. However, the E-A-R Tracer hearing protectors allow you to fully concentrate on your activity. This ensures valuable results and shortens the performance time, which is incomparably longer without the necessary concentration, thus saving time.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • high degree of protection against noise
  • adapts to the shape of the ear
  • does not press on the ear canal - comfortable and safe
  • washable
  • reusable
  • universal size
  • long life
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Buy Peltor® E-A-R Tracer Hearing protectors with string for €  3.7

Important parameters

4 g
Material in detail
String: vinyl
Other specifications
Reuseable, washable
Universal size - fits most users
Protection level (SNR): 32 dB
E-A-R fit system compatible
Detectable by metal detector for easier finding
Parts of delivery
Supplied in pairs connected by string


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