Tactical flashlights

Tactical flashlights should have several advantages compare to regular flashlights. which ones are they ? For example, interchangeable colored lenses for reading in maps, just as special materials and other features.

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Tactical flashlights

Standard parts of the uniform and equipment of each soldier include several basic things. For example uniform, boots, headwear, etc. But soldiers often operates at night and for such conditions they need a flashlight. It is quite obvious how standard flashlight should look like, however, tactical flashlights will have number of special features. Let´s talk about it little more...

Why tactical flashlights have special shapes ? 

The first difference between regular flashlight and tactical flashlight is in their design. The shape and design of a regular flashlight is not really convenient for military purposes and that is why the tactical flashlights have different design.

If you want such flashlight, it must have these basic features. For example, it must be able to be attached to your tactical gear (tactical vest, blouse, etc.). You might argue that headlamp would also serve well. You are right, but to hold it in your hand and use it as a regular flashlight is not really practical. The advantage of some tactical flashlights is that they are 90 degree rotatable. 

Although it may not seem so important, think about it before making a selection. It definitely has its advantages which you will use it during many occasions (e. g. reading in maps, etc.) Previous models lacked this feature and together with their size they were unsatisfactory.

Why tactical flashlights feature color filters ? 

Speaking of reading in maps, we have of course meant night time use. But can you think of another problem while reading from maps when using regular flashlight ? Yes, of course it is a loss of night vision. 

Each eye is getting used to the dark of at least 15-25 minutes. Only after this time has passed are you fully able to function in the dark again. Now imagine turning on a regular flashlight with your pupils dilated and you immediately losing your night vision.

Tactical flashlights think of this so you should also pay attention to the presence of color filters. Excellent colours for reading in maps are red and green, on the other hand, white light is too sharp.

If these filters don´t come as a standard with your tactical flashlight, they can be definitely purchased extra. In the same way, color filters can serve as a signaling aid. All you need is to have your tactical flashlight adequately powerful. 

Why tactical flashlights are of such high-quality ? 

Thanks to progression, you don't have to worry about what kind of flashlight you want, whether xenon, halogen or other, because LEDs literally rule the world nowadays. Rightfully so...

Think about it when purchasing your tactical flashlight and always opt for super LED such as CREE® LED. Such flashlight provides the best features.

You will also need good source of power. However, larger batteries may sometimes be used. Runtime is also highly important factor as you might be spending several days in the nature where you will be relying on your tactical flashlight.

In addition to above mentioned, the flashlight should be made from high-quality materials, this means - never from plastic. Good option is for example hardened aluminium or similar. Luminous Flux of at least 500 lumens and water resistance should come as a standard. Pay attention to those color filters and lighting modes. You might not always need the max power which would only discharge the battery very quickly.

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