Rechargeable flashlights

The possibility of rechargeable flashlight is welcome. No more endless buying of batteries. On the other hand, what will we do when integrated battery breaks? Think before you buy it. 

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Rechargeable flashlights

One thing we don´t like about standard flashlights is that we need to buy new batteries all over again. We don´t even have to use it that much and it gradually discharges anyway. And when we want to use it, we simply can´t. This problem can be solved by using rechargeable flashlights. Their use is more convenient and easier. However, before we purchase one, we should know some basic facts. 

The main difference 

The biggest difference from the standard flashlights is use of rechargeable battery. This will be definitely appreciated by each of us. There are two types, first is integrated battery and second removable (replaceable) battery and there is big difference between them which is also reflected in price as well as practicality. With the integrated battery we will charge it using charging/USB cable. The charge indicator inform us about charging. With removable battery, you can still charge without need to remove the battery or you can charge it using separate battery charger. The advantage of replaceable battery is obviously the fact that it can be replaced - we can simply buy new one. Each battery has its service life and limited number of recharging. Is this type of battery good for all flashlights ? 

Which one ? 

Rechargeable flashlights are quite special. Some of the high-quality flashlights from companies such as Fénix, Surefire, etc. don´t use rechargeable batteries. The reason is high failure rate and overall design. For them it is easier to change batteries than worry about breaking of integrated battery. There is one type of flashlights where rechargeable batteries are quite necessary and those are big handheld flashlights. We know how they look like - they are quite big and heavy, but offer great properties. The power needed for running simply requires use of integrated rechargeable batteries. Use of standard batteries would be complicated as well as pricey. In this case we can just connect charging cable and we can start charging.

Comfort is winning 

This concept is very good especially for fire-fighters or similar units, so they have their flashlight always charging and ready for use. We can of course buy it too and therefore don´t need to worry about endless buying of batteries all the time. The overall construction is very much the same like every other flashlight. There are also on/off switches, etc. The charging port should be protected against entering of water and dirt. Rechargeable flashlights usually have polymer body (aluminium is also used). Don´t worry, both materials are durable. It depends on material used, but if we use the right one, the flashlight will remain lightweight despite its quite big size. As for the light source type we can see either halogen lamps or LED diodes which are better, but also more expensive choice.

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