Hand lamp Watchdog OD-XTL / 2300 lm PowerTac®
€  249.6
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Hand lamp Watchdog OD-XTL / 2300 lm PowerTac®

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€ 249.6
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Product code: OD-XLT
Warranty period: 2 years

The Powertac Watchdog OD-XTL lamp offers impressive technical parameters and a wide range of uses.The light output of 2300 lumens and the afterglow of 1050 m is sufficient for even challenging tasks, including the search for missing persons.

Versatile search model

The Watchdog lamp is one of the most versatile models on the market.It is designed to provide the longest possible afterglow, but it also offers other features, such as red, green, blue, and white scattered light. It will be used mainly by hunters, fishermen, or army specialists.The source of power for the lantern is the battery cell 32650, with a capacity of 6500 mAh Li-ion.The user can choose from three levels of brightness, the strobe mode is also practical, or SOS signaling. Special color modes can also be selected as needed. The impact structure makes the lantern fall-resistant from above 1 m, and the perfectly sealed connections keep the water from entering upto one meter deep.

Mode Luminous flux (lm) Runtime on single (full) charge (hr)
Beam - Firefly 10 336 = 14 d
Beam - Low 160 28.4
Beam - Medium 760 5.32
Beam - High 2,300 2.96
Beam - Strobe 2,300 6
Beam - SOS 2,300 6
Scattered light white 180 12
Scattered red light 50 14
Scattered green light 160 12
Scattered light blue (UV 460 nm) 30 12

Benefits you need to know about:

  • powerful multicolor flashlight
  • 3 lightning modes, SOS and strobe 
  • special colour modes 
  • battery 32650 / 6500 mAh
  • LED type:
  • Cree XHP35Hi white LED
  • Cree XE-R3
  • Cree XQE-GREEN
  • Cree XQE-BLUE
  • water-resistant  IPX7
  • impact-resistant IPX8
  • anti-slip 
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Buy Hand lamp Watchdog OD-XTL / 2300 lm PowerTac® for €  249.6

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Important parameters

Total length
26.7 cm
Number of modes
Luminous power
2300 lm
1.05 km
Types of batteries / accumularos
1x 32650 - 6500 mAh Li-ion bateriový článek
Dimensions in detail
Průměr těla: 3,7 cm
Průměr hlavy: 8 cm
Weight in detail
Hmotnost bez baterií: 798 g
Hmotnost s bateriemi: 888 g
Other specifications
Vodotěsnost: i při ponoření do hloubky 1 m
Nárazuvzdornost: z výšky do 1 m
Maximální svítivost: 275 625 cd
Magnetické dobíjení (port na konci těla)
Typ LED:
Cree XHP35Hi bílá
Cree XE-R3 červená
Cree XQE zelená
Cree XQE modrá
Parts of delivery
Ramenní popruh
Li-ion bateriový článek
Nabíječka 230 V
Přepravní kufřík


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