Clothing accessories


We can have functional clothing, but it is up to us, how much assistance and additional protection we are willing to provide. Therefore we should have those right means, which are safe and at the same time efective. 

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Clothing accessories

What can we imagine under this name? Clothing accessories are simply products, that did not fit anywhere else,but are important to be here. There belongs for example belts, balaclavas, impregnation and other important things. How is belt important ? How to choose the right balaclava or impregnation ? Let´s see

Unwanted stripping 

Such an accident can easily happen to us as well. We are asking, how? We have surely seen a person whose trousers were really loose. This image would then follow us for a long time. But we can quite easily prevent such accidents. No more awkward moments. The solution could be belts or suspenders. The belt goes into the belt loops, that are on the top of the trousers. Belt help to tighten the trousers, making them not being loose. The suspenders have same effect, only works differently. They go over the shoulders and are attached to trousers by the different clips. 

Moisture is not our friend 

Obviously it depends on situation, but moisture over the body or inside the shoes is something what we do not really want. So what do with it ? Let´s admit, that there are effective solutions, such as impregnation, ponchos or gaiters. We can therefore prevent our clothing from getting wet, which protects mainly ourselvesImpregnation is used on materials that are not so impermeable. It is great for jackets, trousers, but also backpacks. They close the pores with invisible film that also protects against the dirt. We can also use impregnation on a footwear. However, we can not protect it completely, especially upper part (bottom of the pants) and that is why we have gaiters. They protect against moisture getting onto the pants and shoes. The most important part is our body. In case we don´t have gore-tex or other waterproof jacket, we should carry at least some raincoat or poncho, that can be easily stored in a backpack or even a larger pocket. It´s waterproof and can save our health conditions


ID personalization is used for different patches or labels. These are placed on hook and loop fields, a.k.a velcro panels. We can find them on backpacks,vests,etc. They can symbolize blood group or other personalization, which can be helpfull. When we don´t have ID, we do not want to be recognized even by the face.Camouflage with the camo paint colors ? No,balaclava will do the job. Balaclava is a clothing accessory, that goes over the head, masking face and therefore making identification impossible. Can be easily put on, stored in a backpack, pocket or hip pack thanks to its small size.

It is so

Yes, it really is. As we can see, this category includes different accessories, that are very important. The choice of patches or impregnation, where we, however, have to be carefull, whether it can be used for our material Do not forget on things such as raincoat, which has great potential

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