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Product code: Yeti-02-M
EAN: 5902431601052
Warranty period: 5 years

Wisport's multipurpose gaiters® Yeti are very suitable for fishermen, hunters , hikers (hiking and biking),airsoft players and others.

Into rain or snow, but also into drought

You can use the gaiters at any time of the year, on your way to work and on a nature trip.
They protect from snow, mud, sand, water and also prevent small stones and other unwelcome impurities from sinking in. It will protect the top of your shoes, socks, pants and thus your feet from dirt as well as wet. It also provides better protection against ticks for example.

Durable and elaborate

The gaiters are made from nylon Cordura®, which is quality, durable and water resistant and has an IRR adjustment®.
They are fastened at the front throughout the length by the zipper with Velcro flap and a stud at the bottom.
The hook at the front of the serves as a security againts catching on shoelaces .
The bottom cord ensures that the gaiters don't bulge and keep them taut over the footwear.The length of the cord can be adjusted. It is made from Kevlar.
An elastic drawcord pulls the top edge of the protector with the lock.
Ankle and calf elastic zones bring comfort and good leg-warmth.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • universal gaiters
  • suitable for fishing, hunting, hiking and more 
  • protection in the summer and winter
  • zip fastenings covered with a velcro flap and bottom button 
  • adjustable cord at the bottom made from Kevlar 
  • Upper with elastic drawcord and cord lock 
  • Elastic calf and ankle section 
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