Dining utensils


To bring little culture into the nature is nothing impossible with dining utensils. We just need to think of size, weight and efficiency of such products. 

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Dining utensils

The dishes have been always used. Cups, plates, cutlery. They are now part of a standard, civilized dining. But what about outdoors ? How do we solve it there? Eating from a leaf with a stick is rather emergency situation. Luckily, we can bring bit of a culture into the nature as well. Nowdays, we can find many highly durable dishes and dining utensils. They are designed for camping and to survive trips to the nature. Let´s take a closer look. 

Good old friends 

The folding utensils have been used since the tramp times. They provided perfect base for cooking and subsequent eating. Yes, we are talking about mess tins. They were used during World War I and World War II and they are still being used. Are they still the same? By the shape and design yes, what has changed is the material used. Originally they were made from iron and aluminium. Aluminium, however, is not really appropriate as it can be poisonous. During cooking and food preparation small particles of aluminium were released which then got into our systems and caused problems so we needed to replace this material. It was replaced by harmless and more resistant variant of aluminium and also by the stainless steel. What types do we know and is there plenty to choose from ? That is for another sub-categories. 

What is hot, stays hot 

Many times happens that we prepare a hot beverage or food in the morning and within one hour it gets cold. But we would like to keep it hot for longer time. Is there a solution ? Thank god, there is. This solution has been invented in the second half of the 20th century and those are insulated bottles and mugs a.k.a thermos or simply other utensils, that can keep our liquids or food warm. The principle is simply, just insulate the content, this will not transfer the heat and beverage or food will remain warm longer. Some might be wondering about fragility of the containers. This was maybe truth in the past, when the glass was used. Nowdays, with use of modern materials and technologies. the situation is different. There are many thermo utensils - from mugs to thermo bottles and food containers. The specific sub-category will help you with it. 

Cutlery instead of hands 

We have been eating using our hands since ancient times. Over the time, we started using tools, to make it more civilized. Sometimes it is good to come back to roots, but everything should have its limits. Nowdays, there are many "replacements" of standard cutleries - plastic cutlery, cutlery as a part of multi-tool or hybrid cutleries such as Spork and Knork. Let´s believe, we will be happy with our choice.

Is that all ?

Of course, it isn´t. This category is full of different features and accessories, just as water bottles, flasks or cookers. Just take a look on the appropriate sub-category and choose according to informations provided. There must be something to carry a water or cook a meal. Let´s do it elegantly. 

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