We feel the hole in the raincoat with the first rain, the wrong shoe with the first step. It may not seem, but the choice of right shoes is the most important. Low or high? Leather or synthetics?

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Outdoor shoes

The legs carry us, support us and give us the possibility of free self - sufficient movement. Just because of this, they deserve care and appropriate protection - protection in the form of shoes. But there is no shoe like a shoe. As they say '' we feel the hole in the raincoat with the first rain, the wrong shoe with the first step. Therefore, we should take choosing seriously and have several different types of shoes for different situations and use. Our legs will be grateful. 

This or that ? 

The choice of shoes should be directed again to the question - what do we want to use it for ? Will they be used for city walks or trips to the nature ? This awareness is truly the most important, and other questions are based on it that directs us to the material, sole and, of course, the price. The material issues is a well - known thing. Someone prefers leather, it is the original material and people have been making shoes from it for thousands of years. Even artificial materials have their advantages - they do not need so much care. If we encourage all this with a question about membranes, it becomes a proper mess that we will have to solve. But first to the types.

Comfortably and dry

According to subcategories, we logically realize that each shoe serves for something else. After all, we do not go to the sea in trekking boots, which are very firm and just do not meet our criteria about summer airy shoes. Same, we can't go on a trip in sandals, they are not practical, have no ankle support and water resistance. Footwear manufacturers have a solution for every situation. Tourists will appreciate trekking shoes. They will greatly support the ankle, their fixed sole doesn´t slip and the overall support of the foot is perfect. Low ankle shoes will be useful for light trips, they will do their job while walking on the roads. Soldiers and hunters are looking for highly reliable shoes - high, dark, waterproof and comfortable. Such a wish is difficult to grant, but we can satisfy such needs.

Clean, clean and clean

Like us, the shoe deserves care that extends its life. For such care there is a category - accessories. In this category you will find everything for shoes, from laces to brushes, impregnation, waxes and cleaning pastes. And is it important? Of course it is! We also wash ourselves when we come from outside. Doesn't dirty footwear deserve the same thing after a day trip? Let's dry them, clean them and impregnate. They will be grateful and last much longer.

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