Spring Footwear

With the arrival of spring we can finally put the winter shoes away and put on more breathable nd lightweigt models. In our case we would focus on outdoor shoes or work footwear. Sometimes we can go the city, but to pick some trainers is not as difficult as to choose outdoor shoes, that are more universal and with which we can push our limits. 

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Spring Footwear

The sole is the most important thing with spring footwear, which should provide strong support and should be anatomically shaped. However, the chance of blisters after first use is quite high as you need to get used to it. More specifically, the right choice depends on whether you are up for light one-day walking or more extreme mountain hiking. For first case you can choose from low-ankle trekking footwear or sport trekking footwear.

For multi-day hikes you will appreciate more solid ankle boots, or hiking boots, whose profile provides better support in the ankle area. So called "crampons" can be installed on some of these models. Mountain hiking boots must be stable when walking and must protect from foot sores. Upper material should be water and abrasion resistant. 

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