Weapons, defense

Defense is one of the oldest mechanisms of us humans. We must defend ourselves, our loved ones, our property. But how do we do it according to the law so we don´t get prosecuted ? 

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Weapons, defense

Anyone who claims that we are in a safe times would lie. Today's time is full of violence, mostly on innocent people who do not expect it many times. Our nature instinct is the will to defend ourselves, but we are often not properly equipped. So how do you defend yourself legally? What does our law accepts and when do we cross it? Such a question should hit you at home at the computer and not on the street when you have to defend yourself. Anyone who wants to know the exact wording, must study the Law on Extreme Need and the Necessary Defense. For others we have a category that offers legal ways of defense in the form of electricity and sprays, plus other options that you will appreciate.

Electricity for sure

A small box of innocent appearance, hiding in a purse or pocket next to normal daily needs. At the right time, it can save our lives. How ? Simply ! It is an electric stun gun that can send up to several hundred thousand volts with one press of the button. Such a hit is unpleasant, one is in shock or unconscious for short time. As a defense, it is state approved and legalized for defense of life and health. You won't cause death to the attacker, but you'll get time to escape. All you have to choose is the shape and voltage, which is important. A big disadvantage is the way of use, we have to be close to the attacker. 

From a distance and with certainty

Greater security is provided by a pepper spray, which is produced in two variants, either stream or spray. The choice of one or the other is a question to the quiz. For a long distance, even a few meters, we can use a stream one. Since it is a stream, the headwind does not play a role. Spray is great when the attacker is already holding us, but the wind might be the problem. Anyway, even pepper sprays are taken as means of defense, so we do not have to worry about any consequences, if it was really defense.

Something is more than nothing

By police officers and security units we often see about 15-20 centimeters long bars attached to the belt. The wise already know - they are telescopic batons. One quick movement will triple their length. They will create a means of defense, which is strong enough and long enough to reflect even a knife attack. Telescopic batons are produced in several sizes on which depends their total length. 15-20 centimeters? That is not very inconspicuous. Yes, it is noticeable, but at the same time useful. For those finding it very noticeable, there is an answer in the form of tactical pens and Kubotans. As a result, it is the same, the tactical pen is practically Kubotan, only with the possibility of writing and a few other improvements. Both are used to strengthen fists and for hits by the appropriate endings. They are very inconspicuous but effective means of defense.

Comfortably in a housing 

Weapons should not be carried in pockets. It is not safe or responsible. In this case we mean real firearms. The holsters are used for different purposes. Around the city we want to have concealed carry of the weapon, uncovered at the shooting range. For carry, there are bags and pouches made directly for this purpose. All you have to do is realize what housing do we want, find it by weapon and all is done. Safe, comfortable and according to the law, this is how every weapon carry should look like. 

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