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Manta Defense® M-Lok Rail Guards, 3 pcs

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Product code: M1500
EAN: 6705416667222
Warranty period: 2 years

The M-Lok Rail Guard, like all Manta Defense products, is made of revolutionary materials that resist not only extreme temperatures, but also abrasion, impact and chemicals. The cap locks securely onto the M-Lok platform and is in no danger of being torn off, which is effectively ensured by the friction insert of the lock. Manta Defense allows you to control your weapon even with full automatic fire.

Safe handling without the risk of burns

Manta Defense manufactures its guards from silicone materials. They stand out for their exceptional resistance to extremely high temperatures. High temperature silicone material will not melt or deform. The transfer of heat from the rail to the hand has become a thing of the past with M-Lok Rail Guards.

High variability

One of the main advantages of the Manta Defense guards made of silicon is their adaptability. You simply shorten them to the length you want. And that's why it fits perfectly on the gun.

It meets even the most demanding requirements

Manta Defense represents a revolution for the user characteristics of firearms and with its breakthrough technologies opens up new possibilities to the world of shooting. Manta Defense weapon accessories are the standard for professional armies and United States infantry.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • absolutely safe and reliable locking of the guard on the M-Lok platform
  • the stability of the cap is ensured by the friction insert of the lock
  • resistance to extreme temperatures, abrasion and chemicals
  • will not melt or deform
  • very fast and simple handling
  • adaptability
  • wide range of colors
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