Safety line for the Cytac® pistol - black

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Product code: CY-PL001
Warranty period: 2 years

A safety line for a Cytac will give your weapon additional protection against theft or loss.Tested by thrust test at greater than 245 (N).

Easy Install

This safety accessory is easily attached to your gun using a small carbine.Connected to it is a eye with twisted cable and a fastening buckle with belt passage.Lanko does not affect access to the weapon and allows full control of the weapon.It can be quickly undone using the buckle if necessary.

Professional Authenticated

Thanks to intuitive control, quality and reliability Cytac products have become part of the toolkit of the French and Croatian police, the Brazilian presidential guard and the police or the Thai police force.The product is made of quality nylon, making it lightweight, resistant to water, sweat and mechanical wear.The material retains its unique properties even under extreme operating conditions.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • secures your gun against theft or loss
  • allows full control of the weapon
  • thrust test: > 245 (N)
  • easy to install on belt and gun
  • Fast-fastening buckle for easy undoing
  • made of durable material
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