Bungee 1-POINT Mil-Tec® Tactical Strap

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Product code: 16185001
EAN: 4046872276040
Warranty period: 2 years

Can you imagine a world without straps on guns? We'd have to carry weapons in our hands at all times. Fortunately, gun straps have been a part of our world for centuries.One of them is Bungee 1-POINT Mil-Tec®.

Made from resistant material

The strap is made of quality polyester, which makes it elastic. The carbine found on the strap is made of iron and zinc alloy.

Suitable for all long guns

This product can be used for all long guns, plus it's compatible with a really wide range of rifles and shotguns.

Size can be set really easily

Even universal size strap is a big advantage.Tall or small, you can be sure the strap will fit.With a classic quick release buckle, you can easily adjust the size. Use together with tactical vests and other equipment

Key features :

  • adjustable strap
  • quick release buckle 
  • carabine of zinc alloy and iron 
  • single bungee construction 
  • total length up to 87cm 
  • most rifles and long weapons compatible 
  • tactical vests and equipment compatible 
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