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Cytac® are the only producer of polymer holsters in China with their own brands, which is quite surprising for such a big country. The company was founded in Shenzhen in 2008. In addition to weapon holsters Cytac® also produces magazine pouches for example. According to manufacturer it does not matter whether you are civilian, police officer or soldier, high-quality holster and cases are needed by everyone. 

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Cytac® Gear

In the section Cytac® gear you can find primarily high-quality polymer firearm holsters, but not only them. You can also get tactical holsters for another equipment, from flashlight  to mobile phone and others. Universal Molle clips are just as durable as those firearm ones. The range is really wide and we can offer a lot from Cytac®.

Not only firearm holsters from Cytac®are compact and robust. You can use them everywhere, . Cytac® holsters have been added to the equipment of police forces from France, Croatia or Thailand, but also Brazil, where Cytac® uses even presidential guard. In addition to gear - holsters, you can also find in our range of  Cytac® products for example tactical and combat belts or harnesses. 

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