Halogen or LED ? Almost everyday question, but is it easy to answer? Both sources have something. Nevertheless, halogen slowly recedes the LED lights. 

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Light is the basis of life. Since ancient times it formed a clear boundary between day and night, ie between time to work and sleep. Since we learned to control fire, the development has gone forward. From the kerosene lamps to today's LEDs, it has been a long way. But we're here. At a time when we don't have to worry about darkness when we can make light ourselves. With what, you are asking. Simply - with flashlights. 

By wit through the darkness

The flashlight can be anything, that creates light, pointing in a particular direction. They consist of a dismissable body that contains energy source (battery) and light source (LED, halogen etc…) From the construction point of view, we can have several types of lamps according to the method of use. When working with both hands or in tourism, we appreciate headlamps sitting via elastic strap on your forehead. Thanks to it you get the freedom of movement but restricted field of view. For professional purposes, a flashlight with a long endurance will be more useful, where we can adjust luminious flux. The keychain flashlight is placed on the keys.

A soldier or civilian? And what about the price?

The selection itself coming again to the ways of use. Something durable, matte with long endurance will be useful for soldiers. But this applies also for civilian. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on the selection of subjective needs into other subcategories. The basic aspect of the selection will certainly be the luminosity and capacity of the battery, which also determines the endurance time. If we want both, a great afterglow with high endurance, we will have to pay extra. The price is determined by quality and brand. Let´s not be afraid of higher prices, you will get the comfort you get quickly used to. 


Finally, the flashlights are very specific and offer many ways of lighting. From colors, through intensity to the shape and size of the flashlight. What emits the light is the chapter for itself. The LED family is now a well-known term, it lights long and clearly. Recently, super luminous LEDs have been widely used, which seems to be the way to the future. 

A large guide to the flashlights

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