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Knives, machetes

The idea of movement in nature without one or the other is very unpleasant. Of course, it does not have to be just movement in nature, but also work in the garden or everyday life.The knives, but also the machetes have made the long way from the Stone Age predecessors to today's very effective and irreplaceable form.

Every man is supposed to have a knife

Such an adage has been said since ancient times. Does it have its justification? Sure it does, but instead of man we should use - human. Without a knife we can not imagine our daily functioning. Practically it is a piece of steel, which is embedded in a handle of different materials. Tired of constant grinding? Just choose the right knife. As with other equipment, we can divide the knives into groups, according to which we can better take advantage of their potential.Therefore, we use different knives for each type of work.Military knives will have completely different parameters than a small knife. The steel and shape of the blade (cut) are always important, according to which the knife is sentenced to frequent or less frequent grinding. Another selection is purely subjective. Anyway, let us not forget that we will rely on every kind of equipment, including a knife, as part of ourselves. Take your time when choosing and do not rush, so you will not regret anything. 


You have all seen movies with a hero cutting through a dense jungle. However, those who have not tried it for themselves can not appreciate the machetes sufficiently. It differs from the knife with its dimensions at the first place, the handle is wider and the blade is significantly longer to reach as far as possible when cutting with the accompaniment of proper kinetic energy. If you are looking for a helper that cuts vegetation as well as wood and can also defend you when facing a game, believe, that we can offer you the best. Again, we have to emphasize the steel used together with the ergonomics of the grip.

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