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Knife Prodigy GERBER® serrated

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The design and construction for the new Gerber Prodigy knife was inspired by the award-winning LMF II knife, also designed by Jeff Freeman, a Gerber designer.

The Prodigy Gerber knife is much smaller (9.75 "overall length), but in terms of features and performance it can compare with its predecessor.

The word prodigy means wonder or miracle in English, and the Prodigy Gerber fixed-blade knife certainly corresponds to this meaning with its uniqueness.

The drop point blade of the Prodigy Gerber knife is made of high-quality rich carbon stainless steel 420HC with a hardness of 56-58 HRC, it is durable, massive and has a strong profile.

The blade has a special black coating that eliminates unwanted glare and prevents corrosion.

GERBER logo on the blade.

On the serrated part you will find a group of small teeth, which is separated from the other by one larger, shallow arch. The blade thus cuts the fibrous materials more smoothly yet even more aggressively and without jerking. This blade is designed, for example, for cutting belts, ropes, seat belts and clothing.

The ergonomic handle of the Prodigy Gerber knife is made of durable nylon and fiberglass.

The handle ensures a pleasant, comfortable and safe grip in all conditions.

The knife is a full tang construction, ie. that it is made of one piece of steel and the handle consists of 2 handles attached to the knife with screws or rivets or it is one part formed directly on the knife. This construction ensures its long life.

The handle has a rough texture and a recess on the sides for a more secure grip.

The end of the handle widens downwards and thus safely prevents the knife from slipping out of the hand during work.

A glass breaking pommel and lanyard hole at the end of the handle.

The knife is equipped with a double-sided guard on the handle - protection against slipping fingers on the blade.

The knife comes with a MOLLE compatible nylon sheath. 

The sheath has a fastening straps as well. 

The sheath can be worn in various positions - it is possible to adjust its orientation according to the current need: vertically - with the knife tip up / down or horizontally - with the knife tip left / right.

The sheath can be attached to the belt or any other equipment with MOLLE strap, or it can also be worn attached to the leg thanks to the supplied thigh strap with a plastic quick release buckle(possibly the back part with belt strap and 2 vertical MOLLE straps is easy to unbuckle,it is attached to the sheath with 2 Velcro straps).

The sheath has 3 securing elements, when inserted, the knife audibly clicks and thus holds securely inside even when worn with the tip down.

The sheath is coated with a thin layer of TacHide ™, which reduces noise when moving.

The Prodigy Gerber knife belongs to the category of outdoor or survival knives.

You will be ready for your adventure with the Prodigy knife.

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Review of the Prodigy GERBER® knife with a combined blade

Important parameters

Blade length
12.5 cm
Handle length
12.5 cm
Total length
22.5 cm
Number of tools / functions
350 g
Material of blade / tools
Steel 420HC
Surface finish of blade / tools
Alpha coating
Material of handle
Nylon with glass fiber
Material of pouch
Blade type
Single bevel
Drop point


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