BCB® Folding KFS Clip Set

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Product code: CN223
EAN: 5016543002239
Warranty period: 2 years

Smart dining folding knife

BCB® Folding KFS clip set is a simple, compact and practical folding knife. The knife contains basic tools that can be useful for nature trips and food consumption. The base is a simple blade, which is complemented by a spoon, a small fork and a bottle and can opener. There is also a loop for attaching the knife to the cord. Its hidden function is the possibility of dividing the knife into 2 parts. All you have to do is push the two handles against each other and the knife will automatically split into 2 separate parts.

Elaborated design

One part contains a fork and a can opener, and the other part contains a spoon and a knife. You don't have to constantly turn the knife when eating, but you have the opportunity to eat in a normal way wherever you are. A really simple knife that will help you whenever you need to do some minor work with a knife or eat comfortably in nature. A small but handy knife for everyone.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • compact dimensions
  • locking system
  • simple blade
  • spoon
  • fork
  • bottle and can opener
  • loop
  • can be separated into 2 parts
  • 2 separate parts
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Important parameters

Length when closed
9 cm
Number of tools / functions
87 g
Blade type
Single bevel
Drop point


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