RESCUE Mil-Tec® knife with combined blade - black
€  12.5
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RESCUE Mil-Tec® knife with combined blade - black

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€ 12.5
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Product code: 15323003
Warranty period: 2 years

A practical rescue knife

Switchblade RESCUE Mil-Tec® with combined blade finds use primarily in rescue workers and civilians who want to carry a quality rescue knife for emergencies.The blade is designed to be as effective as possible when cutting fibrous materials.You can easily cut your seat belts in the event of a car accident, etc.

Multifunctional blade

Clip point blade knives are made of quality stainless steel, which has a long life and is not maintenance intensive.The blade is accompanied by tactical coating which eliminates unwanted highlights and prevents corrosion.The lower part of the blade is rendered in a shallow arc, which contains a row of sharp teeth.This design makes the knife very easy to cut even very strong fibrous materials.You will use the feature in situations where you need to quickly cut straps, ropes, clothing or seat belts.

Safe and comfortable

The handle is ergonomic and is complemented by finger grooves, which make the handle secure and offers comfortable grip of the knife.At the same time, the end of the handle is driven downwards, preventing the knife from slipping out of the hand as it works. The shape of the handle protects the fingers of the user from possibly sliding their fingers onto the blade.

Compact and reliable

The knife is closing, so it's very storable and safe.To easily open the knife, the blade is accompanied by a spring support with flipper, which makes it easy to open the knife with one hand.The locking system is enhanced with a Liner-Lock, that prevents the knife from being inadvertently closed in case you're using it.

Useful rescue tools

The end of the handle contains a metal spike.This serves for easy glass shattering.In addition to the spike, the handle is completed with a hole for attaching the cord.You can secure the knife from loss or attach it to your equipment. The curved part of the handle ending holds a practical cutter for narrow cords or plastic drawstring strips.

The appearance of the knife decorates a rescue sign, which refers to the primary identification of the knife.The knife is completed with a removable clip for belt attachment

Benefits you need to know about:

  • reliable closing system
  • stainless steel 
  • clip-point blade 
  • spring support for opening with one hand
  • Liner Lock 
  • partially serrated blade 
  • glass breaker 
  • paramedic symbol 
  • clip for attachment 
  • hole for attachment 
  • coating preventing corrosion 
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