Hand flashlights

Hand flashlights are probably the most common type of light source we come across. However, before we purchase one, we should think about the right design, battery, etc. 

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Hand flashlights

None of us can imagine life without light. However, it is sometimes necessary to substitute the natural ligt with an artificial light and one of the options is use of flashlight. There are more types but the most widely used are hand flashlights. Their great advantage is undoubtedly the ability to shine the light where we want unlike headlamps, which only illuminates where our head is pointing. This is definitely not the only advantage, however, we should talk about what we can expect.

Different sizes 

When choosing a hand flashlight, we come across different sizes. Although it may not seem so obvious, the size tells us what activity the flashlight is made for. For example for professional use (security agencies, etc.) the larger flashlights are the best option. We will need a long throw and long life battery. The smaller flashlights obviously offer shorter distance throw and not so long battery life. However, they compensate this with lower weight and overall dimensions. The smallest ones are pocket flashlights, usually considered as back up source of light. They can offer decent throw, however the battery life is usually not so good. 

Without battery it would be impossible 

Speaking of batteries, we should mention the power options. the most widely used are still standard AAA batteries. They can be easily replaced as well as purchased. These come in rechargeable version as well (which can be more economical) and can be purchased in special electronic stores. Tha last option are the flashlights equipped with bulit-in rechargeable battery. The first thing that comes to our mind is - great, we don´t need to buy batteries anymore. But be aware - if this battery stops working (can not be recharged anymore), we will need to buy whole new flashlight. This is the latest way of charging, however, it must be well thought out (which isn´t the case of cheap flashlights). Similar problem may be with the "light bulb".

Be modern 

We say "light bulb", but we don´t see those anymore. Not long time ago we could also see halogen diodes, but even those are now old-fashioned. Nowadays LEDs are used, which come in different variations ( colours and luminosity). Standard LEDs are not as bright as the super bright ones. we can recognize it easily. If the flashlight features more than one diode (usually 10-15), they are standard LEDs. With the super bright LEDs, one diode is usually enough. Such LEDs offer high output power and long throw (illumination distance). One of the examples is CREE® LED. It may happen that we will not want any other. 

Which one do we want ? 

When making a selection, think about the use of flashlight. Either way, it is worth to pay extra and get the comfort we will be satisfied with. It is not wise to buy a cheap plastic flashlight that breaks the first time you drop it. Similarly to headlamps, we can often see aircraft grade aluminium, whose excellent properties have also found application in flashlights. We will definitely appreciate different lighting modes as well, where (with the use of switch) we can set up the illuminance hence battery life. 

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