Climbing gear & equipment

What comes into your head when we say outdoor sports ? For some perhaps hiking, cycling or airsoft. But one of the main "outdoor sports" was always climbing and mountaineering. And we have equipment even for that. 

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Climbing gear & equipment

Climbers and mountaineers are a special category of people. For their hobby they need a unique combination of patience, physical and mental strength and the ability to survive in the most difficult conditions. In order to enjoy their hobby safely and to the fullest, they naturally need specific equipment they can rely on. And such equipment can be found here. 

For survival outdoors 

Mountaineering enthusiasts often have to spend days and nights in nature without access to the conveniences of civilization. For these purposes, they naturally need equipment that meets their needs and provides higher level of safety and comfort even in difficult conditions. Although our shop is not specialized directly in mountaineering, you can still find a lot of high-quality and proven products in our assortment which will make things easier for those going on adventures to the mountains. 

Have a good sleep 

Mountaineers and climbers can choose from our wide selection of products for temporary encampment  whether they are sleeping bags, bivi (bivouac) bags, sleeping pads and tents. And since we are an Army Shop, you can count on military-quality of most of our products. Our equipment can help you survive the night in the mountains and at the same time provides good night sleep for another busy day.

Enough of light 

In places you don't know well (and there a plenty of such spaces in the mountains) it can be dangerous when it gets dark. When that happens, you can use your flashlight or headlamp, which we also have wide selection in our stock. You can also purchase rechargeable batteries in case your battery is discharged. Even fire can deliver enough of light source, moreover, it is also source of heat. To start a fire even in the most difficult conditions, you can choose from our selection of fire starters, fire starting systems or waterproof matches.

Special equipment for climbers and mountaineers 

We can also offer products specially for climbers or mountaineers – or at least, this group of people will use them the most. These are mainly ice axes or harnesses for extra safety in the mountains. We are constantly adding more products to our selection so you can look forward to another professional equipment.  

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