Peltor® Tri-Flange Earplugs with a string

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Product code: PN-01-005
Warranty period: 2 years

Up to triple protection for your hearing

Peltor Tri-Flange earplugs with a string, thanks to the soft, flexible lamellae, provide you with up to triple protection against noise. They adapt perfectly to the shape of the ear canal, so they exert less pressure and are safe. The "LiveWire" plastic handle allows maximum easy, fast and hygienic application. They can be applied repeatedly.

A subtle risk to your health

Even during normal work activities, we are threatened by the level of sound pressure, a level higher than 85 dB, which is exceeded even by a lawnmower, for example, is considered a danger to our health. In a risk environment where the noise level is constantly increased or where there is high-pressure impact sound, such as engineering, production halls, the food industry and others, quality hearing protection should be a matter of course.

Effective defense of your concentration

Every result of our efforts is directly proportional to the level of concentration we are capable of. It is almost impossible to concentrate in a noisy and distracting environment. However, the E-A-R Tri-Flange earplugs will provide you with up to triple effectiveness of noise protection and thus the much-needed concentration for good results in your work.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • up to triple noise protection
  • will increase the level of concentration
  • adapts to the shape of the ear canal
  • comfortable and safe
  • ergonomically shaped handle for easy application
  • easy to maintain cleanliness
  • reusable
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Important parameters

100 g
Material in detail
String: vinyl
Other specifications
Universal size - fits most users
Protection level (SNR): 29 dB
E-A-R fit system compatible
Parts of delivery
Supplied in pairs connected by string


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