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MULTI PACK Bag 1,000 D Mil-Tec®

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Warranty period: 2 years

A practical multifunctional MULTI PACK 1,000 D Mil-Tec can be worn as a waist or thigh bag, or you can simply carry it over your shoulder.It's good for storing important equipment that you need for quick reach.

Pockets to look at

The central Velcro pocket is equipped with a drawstring to prevent snow or dirt from entering.You can put a first aid kit in it, for example, or other equipment.The flap contains a small zip pocket for trimmings, coins or keys. A spacious zip pocket, located under the lapel can accommodate a mobile phone, or other equipment.On the front, you'll find a small pocket where you can insert your payment card or any other cards. There are Velcro pockets on the sides, suitable for storing magazines, a radio, flashlight, or a defensive spray.

Variable and practical

The practicality of MULTI PACK is enhanced by variable wear.It can be fitted using a waist belt with a quick release buckle classically at the waist.However, if you insert another strap with a buckle into the bottom tray, the pocket can be attached to the thigh.This guarantees that it will not move during running and other active movement.For less demanding tasks, you can simply wear it over your shoulder.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • Main capsule Velcro flap fastened 
  • 100% Nylon 1000D
  • all pockets are fitted with a water-repellent coating 
  • easy maintenance
  • plenty of pockets 
  • 3 pockets on front 
  • 2 side pockets on Velcro 
  • belt with quick release buckle 
  • removable and adjustable thigh strap 
  • 3 wearing options - on waist, around the leg, over the shoulder 
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