Plate carrier Gen. II Mil-Tec®

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Product code: 13463202
EAN: 4046872366178
Warranty period: 2 years

Mil-Tec plate carrier Gen II.In the improved version, it allows quick customization and provides maximum comfort and ventilation.This makes this ultra-light and durable vest essential protective equipment for military or police forces as well as airsoft or paintball devotees.

Light and comfortable

The materials used make this upgraded plate carrier compact, light and comfortable even with long-term wear.The inner faces are softened and netted for better ventilation.One size is suitable for all normal figures because it is easy to adjust the circuit and height with straps. Shoulder straps are coated with an anti-slip PVC layer and have removable padding for comfortable wear under greater stress.

Amount of handles and pockets

On the front and back you will find extensive surfaces with MOLLE binding to attach pockets and other compatible accessories.There are also side straps for attaching equipment.Velcro patch placement areas are located on the chest, or tag ID. Below these are three pockets secured by a bungee cord for storing magazines. Large front pocket with Velcro zip closing; for easy and safe access to maps, documents, or useful devices. The shoulder strap holds a drinking bag tube handle.

Safety and protection

In special pockets you can place both soft and hard ballistic plates BALCS / SPEAR levels III and IV up to a size of 11 "x 13" to provide premium protection.Vest offers a quick drop-off option in crisis situations using side Velcro straps.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • compact, lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • increases mobility and decreases cargo weight
  • one universal size
  • fully adjustable circuit and height
  • anti-slip shoulder straps
  • removable shoulder pads
  • hose of duffel bag
  • extensive MOLLE system in front, rear and side
  • internal netting for greater comfort
  • pockets for ballistic plate insertion
  • suitable for level III and IV ceramic plates
  • Ideal for military and special forces , airsoft or tball
  • option of fully opening the vest
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